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Not exactly new!

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 10:27 AM
Okay I registered here a year ago already but never posted an intro. I was going to but first I decided to contribute my opinion to a few threads. I did that but then went into lurker status instead of introducing myself. So I figure better late than never.

As for my handle OWoutcast. If you see me you can just call me OW it stands for outerworld. It was kind of a tag I picked up in high school for being strange and out of this world in my personal belief system. Mostly because I believed that ET existed (not that they have necessarily came here just that they existed) and most of the people I grew around thought I was crazy because of that and so threw me into the group of outcasts that didn't fit into their perfect little picture. That was high school though and honestly loved being an outsider. I would rather have my own opinion and beliefs instead of being force fed by the masses.

Allot of you may end up not liking me because I'm good at being both a skeptic and a believer. I think a healthy dose of skeptism is good and you shouldn't hold everything you here as the honest truth. Do your own research and figure out what you believe personally.

If I'm in a political thread you will find I'm the moderate. I believe the only way to promote change is through compromise. I generally won't take one side over the other unless I feel very strongly about the issue in question. I'm not saying I won't because there are just some issues I lean one certain way on.

On talks of religion vs. evolution I will often play the devil’s advocate depending on which way the thread is leaning. If leans to heavily on religious side I will take the evolution side. If it leans too much on the evolution side I will lean towards the religious side. I do this because I see a difference between faith and reason. I believe in a God and have absolutely no problem with evolution. I hate when people take the bible literally and I hate those that quote evolution like it's a proven fact. Because neither are true. To me faith and reason are two very different things and should not be in the same debate.

So you will see me all over the place giving my 2 cents on various subjects. I don't expect people to like or agree with any opinion I give because it's my opinion. For the most part I will try to value your opinion as much as is humanly possible.

I'm also a big fan and very interested in history. A firm believer that history repeats self because we don't learn from are mistakes. Also a firm believer in that there are only two infinites in this universe, Human stupidity and we are not to sure about the universe.

So Hello ATS.

PS you can ask me just about anything Via U2U if your interested in anything I have to say.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 11:18 AM
Welcome to ATS, i think.

At least we can all go back and reference your introduction just in case we have to add you to a friend or foe list!


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