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My Grand pappy used to say...

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 01:57 AM
I have read a couple of threads where people have been told 'interesting things' by their father or grandfather. These second-hand facts are up to 40-50 years old probably, however, when taken together, may corroborate some other information in a different area of our research. Imagine if some of the astronauts told stories to their children or grandchildren, then these would carry more 'weight' than mere hearsay and rumours. If other people could corroborate these second hand 'facts' from a different source, then they may well be true.

I suggest we start a thread where people can tell us what they remember their father or grandfather saying about interesting things.

For example, one post I saw said that his/her grandfather said that the government used to employ witnesses to say they had seen ufos to cover up sightings of black project items. This was to make the story sound unlikely and implausible.

Another I have just read was about being told how unmanned aircraft would self-destruct when damaged.

Also, when I first started work, a collegue was going off to work for the government to look through newspapers all day and take clippings of anything which might be useful, however small a news item it was. I am sure all governemnts do this even today, so this is obviously a good way to gather intelligence about a subject.

Pieces of information that are spread about are no use but when pulled together and catalogued are very very useful in determinig what is really going on. It is only that we are not organised that the governments/aliens/whoever can operate without us knowing what they do. As soon as our intelligence information becomes organised and co-ordinated then we become better equiped to really determine exactly what is going on (and of course, more of a threat to their covert agenda too).


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