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Are You Willing?

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:37 PM
This is a experiment of sorts, to evaluate how many people are willing to put aside belief and opinion for common purpose, for freedom. Inspired by KS and his thread Divided WE Fall I am going to throw this out there for every one on ATS and elsewhere to read.

This thread is not to debate politics, this thread is not to prove or disprove that 9/11 was staged, this thread is not for the purpose of converting you to my religion or proving it is false, this thread is not about your opinion and is not about aliens or if you think their existence is plausible.

This thread is not to shove my thoughts and speculations down your throat or to test the grounds of your beliefs. This thread is to overlook your opinion on religion, politics, global warming, aliens and conspiracies even though ATS is a conspiracy forum. At this point in time, your opinion is not false or irrelevant in any way but at this point in time we need to focus on the bigger picture that we may, in collective unity and numbers take back our lives.

This thread, today is to tell all my friends and foes, all those who agree or disagree with me and all those who don't know, I respect your beliefs. However, regardless of your views, you all know something is going on and that something is wrong within our government. Whatever it is, something is definitely wrong. I think we can all agree on this, regardless of the smaller details.

Now let me ask you if you believe something is wrong, can you put aside your opinions on everything else to stand together? Are you willing to tolerate your foes for the sole reason of being in unison for a bigger purpose?

If you agree that something is going on and are consciously willing to put aside your beliefs for one purpose, for one idea, for unison in that we can take back our freedoms, leave a reply.

With so many threads talking of taking action and taking back our freedoms we seem to not be able to overlook each other and we seem to not be able to let tolerance work it's marvelous ways with each other.

If you feel like I do, if you are willing to put aside your opinion for the sole purpose of unifying with each other so that we might be able collectively claim our freedoms back, leave a reply. If you understand how we are stopping ourselves from taking action by not doing such, leave a reply.

For the purpose of freedom, for the purpose of peace and for the purpose of the bigger picture, are you willing to put aside your beliefs? Are you willing to lay aside your pride? Are you willing to let your knowledge remain silent?

If a world of individuals cannot properly tolerate each other for a bigger purpose and idea they will never find peace, nor freedom. Even though in numbers those in control are microscopic compared to us, we remain scattered and controlled. Until we can unite, action will never and can never be taken to ensure freedom.

Are you willing?

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:29 PM
I am willing, I am willing to stand. However in standing with those we hate, we replace one system corrupt but semi-stable but one full of anarchy. I agree with those with racist agenda that the goverment needs to be replace. However I strongly disagree with what they want to replace it with.

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