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astral travel and oneself

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 04:59 PM
i am a usual poster on and here occassionally. i blogged this and would like to share it here. thoughts are welcome.

i am led to write this regarding an event that happened a few weeks ago. if you are not aware already, i have fallen in what appears to be a milab.. military, alien mind control program.

as a result, i continue to have visions (closed-eyed) on a regular basis, electrical surges, brain abnormalities and was astral traveling and remote viewing a great deal in the past.

here's the situation as i see it. some of these alien abductee stories may be nothing more than a front for military activity. they have the technology to teletransport you... provided you are in a "transportable" state. they have the technology to split, shatter all parts of one's being, including their soul and spirit. i don't have the time to write all of this and regret not keeping my blog up to date. honestly, i became dispondant at the lack of support and understanding. it's foreign for me to be disbelieved in what i would have once considered an outrageous story. sadly, to me, it's a true story.

anyways... back to what happened a few weeks ago. over the past few months i've realized that with Divine help, i can call back parts of my shattered spirit & soul... alters too. sometimes i can see them flying back to me, sometimes they are asleep. sometimes they are attached to someone else... always intelligence or military related personnel.

so, early one saturday afternoon i called a part of myself that had been crying in the "basement." this is slang for the pentagon's torture rooms underneath their facility. i've been down there many times. a portal goes from there to the lincoln memorial statue. how ironic is that. i escape to freedom via a portal that opens up on the right side of abraham lincoln.

i call to my spirit. she cries back. she finally breaks free from where she is at. she comes back and things are doing pretty well.... for about 5 minutes. then all the sudden a spirit slams into me and is inside. i hear him... he calls back to "command" stating that things don't look familiar. the guy on the other end of the communication line tells this guy to hold on for a minute while he checks things out. in the mean time, i've got an astral traveler that just invaded me and there is a two-way communication line going on between he and someone who is at "base command" i suppose. the guy got back online and asked if he was wearing a uniform. my invader said, "yes."
ok, now we've determined that it's military and not a pigeon who just happened to be flying by.

so i'm listening to this conversation take place, then say... wait a minute. who are you? what are you doing here? where were you heading? those "victims" who are trained in these military / intelligence programs have been conditioned to not speak.. only yes, no and i don't know. things are so highly compartimentalized that this invader didn't even know really who he was at the time.

come to find out.... he had a target to hit...

my fragmented spirit / alter was his target. since i pulled her back here, he came here. astral travel? yes. remote viewing? i don't think so. after a bit of questioning, i finally figured out that this "pilot" was another alter of me. a young, polite male who was obviously an exceptional flyer. he worked with military personnel that i can identify. overall, he seemed to have a good repore with others. slowly things started to come back to him and he realized that some of these guys that he thought were "ok" were not. he stayed around and loved. he appeared to have been infused with other types of energy... in particular an angel. this is beyond the scope of reasoning i have to admit.

they have the capability to split, shatter, infuse all parts of one. they use little children for working against people of the light. dark forces can't abide well or long in a body that is of light. same thing with light forces inhabiting what is dark. it just feels bad. they make, mold, .... in the darkest recesses of the military and intelligence black op programs. doing things that God never intended.

i have no doubt that they are capturing souls of the light and hurting them, trading, selling them. a soul of the light is of very high value. we are nothing more than living donors. if it's of value, they take. they don't just take... they experiment, torture, unravel, destroy, raise back up , etc. all the darkness that satan could never do... they have done and continue to do.

there is a reason that little information is getting out in the public... that people are not coming forward. i suspect that a majority of those working in these black op programs of this nature are themselves under control. i also suspect that they have plenty of available bodies (not sure how they get these and if some are clones or genetic alterations) to place their mind control subject into.

will write more later.... mia

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