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The Greys are Androids/Helpers serving their superiors.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Book: Keepers of the Garden
Author: Dolores Cannon

The following is an excerpt of Dolores Cannon's "Keepers of the Garden" where she is in the middle of a regression of contactee "Phil" (the whole book is mostly conversations with contactee's Phil's subconscious). By regressing and speaking with Phils subconscious, she is directly speaking with a higher intelligent that has access to the higher selves of Phils past lives. Phil was regressed and spoke of his past lives as aliens on other planets:

D: "denotes Dolores Cannon" speaking
P: denotes "Phil" speaking

D: What is the most common type of being that is visiting our Earth at this
time-a physical, extraterrestrial being?
I didn't want to get into discussions about energy beings or spirit
P: We would say that the humanoid sub-group of ... we find no
translatable equivalent; however, there are sub-groups of the
general category of humanoid. There are many which are identica,
to your physical bodies. The seeding which was done on
your planet was of this nature. And yet there are those which are
distantly related, yet very unconventional by your standards. This
type, the distant cousin, is the more prevalent of the visitation
type The androids, as you call them, are simply workers who
have volunteered for this mission. They have removed themselves
from the area in which they have been programmed, to
volunteer their services in this accomplishment We hesitate to
use the word "experiment," for the outcome is already predicted
and known. However, we do not want to say "mission," for the
majority of the work... We find we must discontinue this line of
discourse, for there is a misunderstanding arising of the intent of
the direction taken. The information given has been misconstrued
as aggressive and not of a helping nature. We would not
wish to promote the idea that we come as conquerors-however,
as helpers.
D: You mentioned that the outcome was already known What do you mean?
P: The ultimate outcome, not the individual and personal outcomes
which each of you must create in your own fashion.
D: What is the ultimate outcome?
P: The raising of the human race to universal level of awareness.
To be brothers of the star people, and not subjugates or
D: What do these creatures, the humanoids or androids, look ke?
P: Those which you have described as gray in appearance and small
in stature are typical. The eyes, of course, are the most prominent
facial feature, simply because they are the communicative
D: Do their eyes function the same as human eyes ?
P: In a sense. They see, however, they collect much more of what
you would call your visible light spectrum-also including the
infrared and ultraviolet regions.
D: Do their eyes have pupils and function in the same manner as ours ?
P: Not in the sense that they focus and capture light. In that sense
they are different. They do receive, yet their methods of reception
is based on a different principle involved here.
D: Do their eyes have yelids?
P: Not in the sense that they cover, not as you would say yours do.
D: Do they have similar respiratory systems?
P: We would say they are similar only in the fact that they are used
to analyze, not to digest or ventilate.
D: Do these people take any form of sustenance?
P: They need no physical sustenance to maintain. They are energy
beings which can maintain on pure mental energy. That is

D: Then they do not consume anything, like a human would?
P: Not in that gross physical sense.
D: Could they assimilate by osmosis?
P: There is the assimilation. There is analyzation of compounds,
and perhaps rectification of certain anomalies which may appear.
However, as sustenance they derive energy more from energy
sources than from digestive or respiratory functions.
D: What type of energy would they live on? Do you mean like elements present

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