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God of War

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posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 10:23 PM

For those of you Gamers who love gore and adventure games this is it. The God of War game is one of the best games that I've played, from the moment I saw the trailer for the game I knew I was hooked; not only for the Greek Mythology but also for the fact is had interactive gameplay when fighting against the boss levels. They have recently finished God of War 3 which is set to come out on Playstation 3 sometime in November 2009.
Here is the Story line Trailer that Started it all.

The first two God of War games were well put together to portray Kratos as a vengeful spartan who was decieved by the original God of War Aries into killing his family. Fueled by rage and anger Kratos is set on taking his revenge; Also to rid him of his nightmares that forever haunt him of his past.

The Story line and plot is a great one to catch gamers and get them hooked. A brief summary in God of War you get your revenge and take your right heir to the thrown of being the new God of War. The sequel turns out that Zeus is your Father and you are set to destroy him because he betrays you. However the battle isn't finish because Zeus is sparred by Athena which Kratos Disposes of. With the help of Gaia and the mighty Titans, Kratos is on his last battle to conclude this amazing story of being the God of War.

*Can't wait for third one to come out. Chains of Olympus wasn't included because I haven't played it due to the fact that I don't have a psp which that game is only on. I did want to focus on the main story and now this game like tomb raider, and prince of persia is becoming a movie. For some reason I feel like 300 was like God of war. lol


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