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9/11 truther's are all wrong..

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 10:15 PM
And I think I know why.. (we have people like Alex Jones or dylan avery's who have created a niche - well, what a bout a mass of people all doing an investigation into 9/11 at the same time and in the process makes alot of noise and gains alot of attention? we no longer say we need an investigation, but we do the investigating? Obviously Congress isn't up to it, so why not us?)

I have been trying whole heartedly to start this. I did create some threads so far with the same info (ATS Users unite, Volunteer research and investigators needed / an ATS user created 9/11 investigation eBook), to gather as many ATS users together and do our own, legitimate investigation via interviews of officials, gathering evidence via Freedom of Information Act, lawsuits, etc.. An investigation on a scale that could take years.. but with the sheer popularity of ATS and users I'm sure we can find a group of peoplpe that would form an army of investigators to do research and investigate. We publish our investigation into an eBook that could be distributed among the Internet! We do the writing, we do everything.. We need both non believers and truthers..

(Make note I have also begun the process to join the ATS Reseaarch Forum as we maybe able to use that as a base..)

But we all must first begin by asking the right questions.. we need to come up with the right questions before we even think of beginning such an investigation.

We need to ask questions of not how 9/11 happened, but why? What occurred in the past 50 years to boil into something like this? How many times before September 10th did President Bush or any other President have armed surface to air missiles as part of the security protocol of a traveling President? well, I don't care how many times they bring in these surface to air missiles to protect the President, I care that they only do it when there is a threat!! Meaning, they knew damm well about 9/11 and i'm tired of being called a traitor, I'm tired of people laughing at me, and i'm tired of the mainstream media not reporting such statistics...
DAMMIT, that just got me fired up - we need to get together and investigate as an organized group of people who no longer want to sit around debating and complaining..

Whatever it was, we need to get organized first !!

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 11:14 PM
I say one thing. Think outside the box. this is how it was orchestrated.

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