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Enemy Invasion Dream 9/9/09

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 04:13 PM
Hello, I woke this morning from a very real and vivid dream. I am not saying this is a prediction, but I wanted to put it here just in case something like this does happen.

I have replaced names with who the people were for privacy. If it's none other than entertaining than so be it, but maybe some of you can read a little bit more into it. I must say only one thing seemed to be "taken" out of my waking life and that is the "fire" ax at the end which I witnessed in the new Halloween movie.

Other than that none of it seems to be contributed by my waking life.

"9/9/09 Invasion Dream.
My friend, my wife and I shopping at the local grocery store for class reunion. We lost my wife so my friend and I went to search for her in an Air Museum park across the street, there was a big air hangar. I noticed unusually large amount of airplanes in the sky. I kept seeing large “white” front propelled aircraft being apparently “chased” by US fighter jets. I also saw a US military green cargo jet being chased by “white” plane, it was being fired at by missiles from the “white” plane, and hit crashing a few miles away. As reality set in my wife (don't know how we met up) and I ran off into an open field seeing a “white” plane land few hundred yards away unloading many men in “orange” suits with gas type masks. They were attacking people not with firearms, but with long cylinder type weapons almost like telescopes that would discharge a light and disorient the victim and eventually turn them against everyone but the “orange” men. Deciding we needed to dash straight through the attacks and head to the port of the coast. We were shot at and I narrowly escaped the shot. The effects of the weapon feeling like a heavy dose of Xanax even though I wasn't directly hit. It cleared up as we kept running, hiding in a public restroom on the boardwalk. Off the coast to the west we saw a large US warship shooting missiles straight into the air only to come back down and destroy the ship. As if it was purposefully attacking itself. When the area was clear my wife and I sneaked out, seeing a “fire” ax I grabbed it. We were walking the dock in search of our friends or anyone who had not been attacked. An “orange” man had his back to us and I struck him with the ax.

Then I woke up."

Very vivid and real, like it had happened or could happen. I love when I have dreams like this.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by gnosis111

Bizarre, usually I'm not one for dreams but last night I had a dream so vivid I could swear it was real. Kind of relates but not so much, and I usually don't post but I stumbled across this. I was sitting in a sort of big city setting but it was still 'my home town' like dreams usually are. and we were talking and out of no-where starts discussing the importance of "9" Before I had even realized the significance of today date, kind of lose track of the days now, and someone from an ajacent table tells me to look to the sky with mirrors, and in every reflection of the sky I could see faces, white faces horribly contorted and in anguish and just, sheer horror.

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