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Divide and Conquer - The Rothschilds' Gypsy Strategy

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 04:23 AM

Apart from Freemasons, and other agents of imperialism, the Rothschilds use their fellow Jews to realize their world government tyranny. And when anti-Semitism results, as it has in Hungary, their strategy is to manufacture another enemy to combat their enemy, in other words, divide-and-conquer.

In Hungary, Rothschild agents are inflaming the one-to-two million-strong Gypsy minority against Hungarians. It is a strategy that patriotic Americans, Canadians and Europeans should be aware of.

In Hungary, and in Rothschild-controlled media worldwide, "a wave of violence" against the Gypsy (or "Roma") is headlined. There have been six murders in nine attacks over the past year. These have been blamed on the Nationalist "Jobbik" Party who vehemently deny involvement. They maintain that a foreign-based secret police organization is using the violence to turn Gypsies against Hungarians

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I'm posting this article as it is a clear case of how the powers that be use their influence around the globe to divide and conquer those who they consider unenlightened.

The strategy that is depicted in this article isn't that far off from what we all see happening here in the U.S. It would be wise for us to take note with how our Gov is bankrupting us. How the MSM uses it's hidden agenda to provoke anger amongst the U.S. public to keep us divided on issues that are truly a distraction while the conclusion is for total control of the populous.
What say you?

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