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Starcraft II will cost 400$

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 01:24 PM
To get the full experince you will have to buy three games together all race campaigns

Base games are 60 to 70 E A C H
every blizzard game always gets one expansion which means three expansions at 35 to 50 dollars each

after taxes we are looking at potentially 400$$$$$

WTF blizzard

I don't kno but I heard they might charge for bnet? If so my e-anus will pucker so tight I will not be buying sc2 or d3

topnthis all off with NO LAN Play for either games and you have yourselna # covered cherry on top

I have been a blizzard fan since Warcraft 1 and I think I'm done

thy just got greedy after their mmo success


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