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The Dawn of 1984? Self-Learning AI Security

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 04:11 AM

BRS has assembled the brightest minds in machine intelligence and security to create the first criminal and terrorist behavioral recognition system. This revolutionary "adaptive learning" technology, known as AISightâ„¢, provides the ultimate video-surveillance system with technology unseen in today's marketplace.

BRS Labs
The company slogan is cute "New World, New Security"

I watched the little power point presentation of this on thier website, give it a minute and it'll load in their map of the world.

Behavioral recognition software. Basically, what I took from watching the presentation was, the software learns what is normal in any environment and learns to look for oddities or out of place things.

The example it brings is a parking garage, most people come from the Lobby and go directly to a car and enter it. The software learns this, now if someone comes walking in from the street entrance it will alart a security guard because it has learned that this is not a normal occurance. Sure, that seems like a good idea.

Could this technology be used for the purposes of control? Easily. One of these cameras on the street with a totalitarian dictatorship and you are in for a world of trouble.


Observing Citizen #542123

**Citizen #542123 - Civil Disobedience noted**stepped off designated path

[color=grey](aka sidewalk)

Police have been notified.

**Citizen #542123 Terminated


See where I am going with this? Am I wrong to think this could easily be used for that purpose?
Maybe Im wrong and most likely am, Id like to think i am.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 06:23 AM
As a computer technician currently studying information security, this is exactly what I am always afraid of.

Not only is it possible. It is possible NOW.

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