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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 04:36 PM

I've have always tried to partake in the truth my whole life; there is a problem with this. We all see through perceived realities to create Our own version of the truth. Beyond agendas each Person sees truth a little differently. I have noticed many People who get stuck following others based off of lies. It is a herd mentality of following the stronger, or alpha; hence the reason many use the term sheeple to describe the masses.

I have been keeping up with the Hal Turner situation as of late; since it openly has been acknowledged that he was an FBI INFORMER. I had always disliked him, but read his view point; as to keep abreast upon what many People think. I did this in the same way I'll occasionally turn on the "Fox Noise Channel", or "MSNBC I'm a terrorist Channel".

Sometimes Turner would actually have some interesting points, and I would take those points into consideration just as I do Fox, MSNBC, ABC, Novosti, CBS, etc; as well as other more alternative sources of information. Now, I have always kept an open ear to what anyone has to say, and another "proverbial ear to the ground"; so to speak. In other words I will listen to just about anyone, but I always listen to my Heart, and Intuition.

I decide what line of Bull turds to fill my mind with; no one else. In so doing, it allows me to gather multiple points of view, and discern what I consider a very fine thread, or ribbon of truth.

Now as to Turner, I have known for at least 5 years he was nothing, but an Agent Provocateur. He was always calling for People to commit acts of aggression, and also hints of his true nature, or intent came from the general way he spoke; it came not as a surprise, but as simple confirmation, now that he has been Identified as an FBI INFORMANT, but he was informative at times....

I'm almost done rattling here.
So my message today is We live in an information day, and age. Listen, Learn, and Watch everything You can. It doesn't mean You have to buy hook line, and ***sinker*** everything. All You have to do is listen to Your own Heart, and Intuition.

The ***sinker*** I mentioned above is the key. Many public speakers such as Glenn Beck, or Keith Olbermann have their set agenda's. There are complete ideologies skewed, perverted, and changed beyond recognition daily. Many times it comes from who We've all been taught to respect as experts. Many times these People will have prefixes before their names.... It lends credence to the perversion spewing forth from their lips. In my opinion many of these People, and others are in fact Agent Provocateurs. They work for the same bosses at the top, but have different stated missions.

The idea in any ideology, message, ***name recognition***, or anything else for that matter is commonly hijacked for deviant purposes. Usually it is used in a manner of Divide, and Conquer; which creates a situation of Order Out Of Chaos.
The Bolsheviks used this same ideology in hijacking the Russian Revolution. Read up on it.

Don't always take my view point, or the next guys; what's important is looking at all the perceived truth's, and using Your own Intuition to formulate what's best for You.

Here's a little about Agent Provocateur Hal Turner:

Hal Turner was recruited by the FBI Join Terrorism Task Force in around 2002. The FBI was concerned about terrorism after 9-11. They wanted as many sources of information as they could get to prevent innocent people from being killed. Like any other normal person, Hal wanted innocent people protected from madmen bent on bombing shopping malls, hospitals, schools, or flying planes into buildings. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force offered to become an “Anonymous Benefactor” to pay for Hal’s radio show-related travel expenses if he agreed to keep his ears open. Hal felt that it was fair, so he agreed.

Wake Up, Stand Up,


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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

Hey...shouldn't you be "Nacho-Early-Jones"?

You know, I agree with you on so many of these posts. There are definitely people interested in dividing all of us and keeping us arguing among ourselves. I don't trust MSM, but I do read the FOX and CNN websites to see what they are telling folks. I don't get too far into them before I get queasy and must make myself watch Veggie Tales: Silly Song Countdown until I'm happy again.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by A Fortiori

Hey...shouldn't you be "Nacho-Early-Jones"?

Er, the way I see it Hollywood owes me royalties

I don't trust MSM, but I do read the FOX and CNN websites to see what they are telling folks.

Any more with how the MSM hijacks, and then distorts, or perverts a message it is necessary to stay on top of what they say.

Glenn Beck, or Kieth Olbermann are both great examples agents provocateur, and numerous People are swayed by their combined perversion of the truth. In turn numerous People are closer to the truth, but led a great deal down the wrong path; between the two of them.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 12:25 AM
I see where he got arrested and in a little hot water himself, but like all good narcs he snitched to the world tthat he's been working for the feds.

Guess it's all good for a laugh if nothing else.

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