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The federal reserve must die

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 06:51 AM

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value ---- zero.” – Voltaire

“The Federal Reserve in collaboration with the giant banks has created the greatest financial crisis the world has ever seen. The foolish notion that unlimited amounts of money and credit created out of thin air can provide sustainable economic growth has delivered this crisis to us. Instead of economic growth and stable prices, (The Fed) has given us a system of government and finance that now threatens the world financial and political institutions. Pursuing the same policy of excessive spending, debt expansion and monetary inflation can only compound the problems that prevent the required corrections. Doubling the money supply didn’t work, quadrupling it won’t work either. Buying up the bad debt of privileged institutions and dumping worthless assets on the American people is morally wrong and economically futile.” - Representative from Texas Ron Paul questioning Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

I’ve read and witnessed various pundits during the Presidential campaign describe Ron Paul as crazy. The corrupt tax and spenders in Congress know their days would be numbered if they followed his vision of government. Ron Paul’s scathing assessment of the Federal Reserve’s primary role in creating the financial crisis and his raking of Chairman Bernanke over the coals is so accurate, truthful and sane that it should blow your mind. Mr. Bernanke must have felt like his head was spinning like a top while Ron Paul gave him a tutorial in basic economics. Mr. Paul’s noble efforts to Audit the Fed (HR 1207) and eventually to rid the country of its insidious control over our lives will bring the pillars of the Federal Reserve building crashing down upon Mr. Bernanke in his mahogany paneled, gold plated boardroom with ornate chandeliers.

The worldwide financial system experienced a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in September 2008. The very foundations of our economy were shaken to their core. The fear exhibited by government officials, politicians, and the public was palpable and real. For a few weeks there was the distinct possibility that the system would come crashing down. A massive printing of dollars by the Federal Reserve, the clandestine buying up of toxic assets by the Federal Reserve, behind the scenes deals with the biggest banks, covert currency swap deals with foreign Central Banks, and forcing the FASB to change accounting rules to allow banks to fraudulently value bad loans, temporarily staved off the final chapter in the 96 year old diabolical experiment in currency manipulation.

The moment when the system stopped functioning was our “Minsky Moment”. Hyman Minsky was an American economist and professor of economics at Washington University. Dr. Minsky put forward theories linking financial market vulnerability, in the normal life cycle of an economy, with speculative investment bubbles produced by financial markets. Minsky declared that in good times, when corporate cash flow rises beyond what is needed to pay off debt, a speculative bubble develops, and soon thereafter debts exceed what borrowers can pay off from their incoming revenues, which in turn produces a financial emergency. As a result of such dangerous debt bubbles, banks tighten credit availability, even to companies with good credit, and the economy enters recession.

This movement of the financial system from stability to crisis is the “Minsky Moment". At this point, a major selloff begins due to the fact that no counterparty can be found to bid at the asking prices previously quoted, leading to a swift and steep collapse in markets and a dramatic drop in market liquidity. What Dr. Minsky failed to address was that the Federal Reserve has been responsible for every financial crisis in the United States since 1913.

More at

I think it should turn into a museum.


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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 07:58 AM
Indeed it must.
Along with its owners and all the minions of said owners.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Great thread. S & F!

But, unfortunately, we all know this: The Fed is the ultimate proof that we have absolutely NO CONTROL over what is being done in D.C..

The people should of made the decision to let them issue our currency, not the gov't. That is going to be the deciding factor in USA. The Fed.

I laugh when I hear now, "You have a choice, vote!". Then I look at all the bills, laws and additions, spewed through Congress at light speed. We don't have any choices, we must obey what they decide. Just like good sheep. We vote for who we think will make the right decisions. Obviously, it's not working, nor will it ever work. Congress won't disband the Fed. So maybe the citizens should disband them.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:47 AM
Nice post...

Send our Police Forces into the Capital Buildings and The Federal Reserve. Arrest and charge those guilty of crimes.

I'm just sayin'

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 10:06 AM
In my opinion I must say that I think our own politicians will not lift a finger to destroy the Fed. Heres
They are all wealthy,they care for nothing but expanding their own wealth and power, they do not have the best interests of the people foremost in their minds. They do not have to worry about recessions, health care, or putting food on the table for their families. They have the best health care in the world that they dont ever have to pay for. Why would they put this life at risk?
When a politician has 164 million dollars, he is no longer representing the common man.
But the best part of the whole shebang? THEY CAN GIVE THEMSELVES A RAISE!!!, Thats right!! With just a single vote they can take more of your money. A vote that never has been effected by the constituents, they dont ask us, they just do it. These people can vote to enrich themselves while the rest of us must struggle.
Will they take on the Fed? Of course not, they wont risk it, but you can rest assured they will blow smoke left and right about the evils of a central bank. While doing nothing to stop it.

For Punctuation.

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posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by havok

I laugh when I hear now, "You have a choice, vote!". Then I look at all the bills, laws and additions, spewed through Congress at light speed. We don't have any choices, we must obey what they decide.

With precious few exceptions, congress does not decide anything. They don't even read the bills they vote on. This is one of the greatest frauds in the US today.

Originally posted by havok

Just like good sheep. We vote for who we think will make the right decisions. Obviously, it's not working, nor will it ever work. Congress won't disband the Fed. So maybe the citizens should disband them.

Now that's an idea I could live with.......

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:01 AM
I was just starting to submit this article and did a search for it.

Great minds think alike.

Actually kind of glad someone else gets to monitor it. You should get a few hits just by the name.

My viewpoints. The writer of this article is much nicer than I.
I have been posting lately something a little more scathing.

Seize the Federal Reserve and all its assets. Including all the past and present higher up employees assets.
Also seize all foreign Central Banks assets in this country and all of its employees assets.

Convene an International Court and try them for crimes against humanity.

Hell Paulson alone received 350 million for Goldman Sachs stock he sold.

How can anyone think these guys are not guilty of high treason. If all of them plead guilty the hangman's noose will come off the table. I am thinking Joliet would be a nice place for them to live out their lives in General Population. Would not be a long one unless they learn the cellblock shuffle.

The rest of the world can take care of their own criminals.

Now for the downside. I think our conspiracies are coming to a head. We all know they have laws and money on their side. Hell they even have the military. But we have righteousness and the numbers.



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