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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 08:28 AM
Important Note: This is purely based on emotions and nothing other than that.

Two different world, one purely Godly and one purely Devilish. Just imagine a world as such, wouldn’t war be inevitable? Now we have reached a day where the devil advocates are stronger than ever, fighting any group of people who would want God’s rule on earth. It is called the war on terror, also known as war on radicalism, or extremism.

Let’s start with devil’s advocates, they can mostly be found in Western societies. They control everything through money. Due to the fact that money is worth anything in the minds of the devil followers it has become ever easy to control the masses. The Devil’s system is ever changing, more and more controlling and is imposing its own system all across the world.

Due to genetics every human being is deemed to investigate the creator of everything that exists, this has been proven. The devil followers (DF) know this fact and have created a system which distracts humans from such investigations. What is this system? This system expects all to work for money or for material gains, the times when people feel the need for GOD, they are expected to go out in masses and drink alcohol, do drugs etc. As you can see in Western societies, people work through out the week and at the end party time. It is a mass gathering, at night. Does it remind you of something? Just like Christians who gather on Sunday to pray for their god, just like Muslims who gather on Friday to pray for their god, just like Tuesday when Hindus gather to pray for their gods, the DFs gather at the end of the week or when ever they feel the need for GOD and drink alcohol or do drugs. Alcohol and drugs intoxicates us, meaning our brains don’t function normally hence our brains are handicapped.

Now one would ask how you can prove this. The answer is simple in the sense that every religion has banned the consumption of Alcohol and drugs, intoxicating drugs. In Western society it is legalized knowingly. Why would a society which cares more for the interest of its people allow alcohol when knowing that alcohol is the cause for too much negative than positive? There is no other explanation for such a policy rather than to label them as DFs.

The DF’s actions are only for material gains, thinking that it would give them a fulfilling life not knowing the statistics which shows that more and more are becoming mentally unstable. Mood changes etc. An example would be the university massacres in USA, the suicide level etc.

Now keeping all the above in mind one should also be fair in expressing the view that the DFs do not know that they are following the devil. If they did they wouldn’t be in the path which they are today. Some may do, actually many. There are groups which openly state their intentions, these are the true followers of the Devils but the innocent human beings who are caught in between this propaganda still don’t know. They don’t know that they are doing exactly what the devil wants them to do. Most would argue that there is no such thing as the devil therefore dismiss the whole accusation.

Now let us see the other side, the God’s followers. These groups of humans live and die for god. As you can see in many Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu societies, etc people gather to pray for god. Due to the fact that they are not living for anything material they do not get depressed as often as DFs. If a family member dies they say they passed away to the next life. The God followers (GF) want to follow God’s law not manmade due to the fact that humans can be tricked by the Devil.

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Now to be fair once again there are individuals who know they are the followers of God and there are individuals who have no clue and would dismiss such a claim. Those individuals who are dismissing the claim but actually are following God, are merely caught in the propaganda. For example people even if not religious still pray to God. An example of such people would be Steven Cat who when was drowning started praying to God.

Now let’s talk about the war, one side wants to implement man made laws and the other side wants to implement god’s laws. Now to make the situation even more complicated we have different God’s laws and different Devil’s laws hence Communism. So in conclusion the world is not black and white. The world is becoming more and more complex with every passing day. What does future hold for us? Read about psychology of nations to find out.

Love you all.



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