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Going through mirrors in dreams

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 08:56 PM
Forgive me for the long post, I am really just interested in peoples experiences with mirrors in dreams (especially trying to go through them and use them as a portal) if you want to skip mine, but posting mine from last night here.

I was lucid last night in a dream and me and some others were in a store. We got to a part of it where mirrors were being sold. There were 2 facing eachother which I thought would be cool to look at. I had seen 1 mirror at a time but never got to see how that effect would look in a dream where they reflect eachother. Well it was very blurry as it usually is for me when looking into a mirror, but the reflecting on themselves effect was there, but you really couldn't make anything out past 3 or 4 reflections. ( I did not go to a lot of trouble to focus on my own reflection in it, I've seen that before it's not pretty and it can take a lot of effort and wake you up)

One mirror was very "clean" considering it's a mirror in a dream and the other was very blurry.

Also, not far away there was a mirror all by itself.

So I read on here that mirrors in dreams are portals to other dimensions. That if you go through one you'll end up in another world.

So I tried to go "into" the clean one that was facing the blurry one. I went right through it and into the next aisle of the store! LoL. I was no longer worried about the people I was with and came back around, this time going through the mirror that was by itself.

I thought I'd really focus this time, and imagine a new world and I go through this one.. something big and colorful, you know? Something exciting and different. Well this time I went "through" the reflective surface, it seemed to take a while, like it was 4 feet worth of this reflection and took about 5 seconds to get "through." Then it turned to blackness with silver or light grey lines that formed a sort of grid, and it looked like a tunnel.

So I kept going forward, 5 seconds later I seemed to be through it. Only I wasn't in a nice big pretty world, I was in a dark place and I could barely make out the image of what looked like a child in a womb, only it was hunched over and seemed to be sad or in despair. And I felt this very deep feeling of sadness. I didn't feel scared or trapped, only sad. Pure sadness. I decided to try to wake up after feeling this for about 3-5 seconds at best, it was all I needed. I won't say it was all I could take, but sometimes it's better to go ahead and leave so you can maintain a level of control and comfort so your recall is better.

Just wondering what people's experiences are with going through mirrors in dreams, I was really surprised I didn't go to that "place" I was thinking of, and instead went to an extremely simple place and so sad. And also surprised that my first try nothing happened.

So yeah, what have been your experiences with mirrors in dreams?

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 10:57 AM
I also am trying to figure out what my mirror dream meant. I was in my room and there was a mirror under my bed i knew i shouldn't touch. Something woke me up in my dream and i felt the need to retrieve it and touch it. At first i put my hand in through it. Then closed my eyes and put my whole head in it but immediately took it out and woke up. I am so curious... I knew it was a portal of some sort. Hope you find your answers my friend.

posted on Dec, 28 2015 @ 09:51 PM
a reply to: lveob

All mirrors in dreams are portals. What the original poster when through was a wormhole.

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