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Justice or Feudalism?

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 02:08 PM
How be justice much different from Feudalism?

A system designed to limit the working class while giving more power to the upper class.

Except now the working class serfs be doing it to each other.

Over the years "Justice" as become a sour bitter word, associated with blood, confinement and rotting flesh.
What does Justice give to the world except more pain and suffering?

The Justice system itself be committing actions they say should not be done. Like forcible confinement, torture, and execution.
Of course the Royalty can do all these things and have it overlooked,
but when a serf does something,
they get dumped in a pit of blood thirsty hounds.

"that'll teach them" they think. But teach them what? only how to be a blood thirsty hound.
Creating more problems for society.

with this desire for a "global justice system" inflicting laws made by some people that will never have to experience them on a global scale. How can there be a rule that can be applied to all people? There be not even one such law.

What be the solution you ask?
There be several.

Can dissolve the judicial establishment.
It's not protecting the serfs(employees) from the feudal lords(corporate owners) anyhow.

Or can allow for local override.
So that way all legal things can be settled locally,
any decisions of a supreme court can be over-ridden.
the supreme court becoming a depository of laws common to certain jurisdictions,
only a vague guide.

also the abolishment of slavery and torture camps called prisons.
a wound be healed through love.
give a thief abundance.
put a murderer in a loving peaceful community.
allow an angry person to meditate.
heal their wounds.

if something happens that you don't like,
then it's your fault, you felt that way,
your karma vibration led you to that experience.

sure that may mean that perhaps,
I was not so kind in some of my last lives,
that I'm here experiencing a justice system.
But as a crazy criminal the justice system has rewarded me,
with money, friends and shelter.
Sure I cast lots of magic spells for abundance and stability by easy.

how about letting ordinary people live easy?
Then people wont bother committing "crimes".
A crime typically be a lucrative job,
that the Royalty wants to keep for themselves,
killing and stealing be what the Royal Military does best.

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Hey Lowki

Feudalism is a system of goverment so its not a matter of choseing one or the other. there was still a justice system it was just organised differently to the democratic goverments today.

though the rich are still rich and the people still have to do what thier leader say. it we just get to chose who rules over us

as for justice, what do you concider jsutice and/or who gets to decide what it is?

also the abolishment of slavery and torture camps called prisons. a wound be healed through love. give a thief abundance. put a murderer in a loving peaceful community. allow an angry person to meditate. heal their wounds.

but if they still are taught what they've done wrong then they just keep doing what they did in those place. punishment is ment to show that there are consequence to thier crimes, leting them simple move some were else and continue free then they will see that there are no consicense

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 07:29 PM
It sounds stupid, but people just really need to give up on the idea of a perfect world. Marxism tried to create a utopia, 34 million Russians died. Communist China tried to purge the old order and create a new one, 93 million people dead in forty years. Christianity tried to purge the Muslims from the world and colonize the "Holy Land", tens of millions dead and a hundred years of warfare, torture and death.

Justice doesn't make a perfect world, because we humans are the ones that # it up. If you want justice, wipe out the species. In the same way that capitalism is the best system because, at least in its early stages, it provides for every person willing to work for their own prosperity, justice is built upon the merits of a decent society. As society rots, so does justice. When you try to find work-arounds and bring class structure and social mobility into the mix, you pervert the inescapable truth that human beings are basically self-obsessed douche bags, and that we defecate and soil our own environment. Those few who don't apply to that model, hey, good luck getting off planet before the rest of us destroy it.

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