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the fed is broke , its all misdirection .

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 12:39 PM
I suggest that bush needed the stimulus package to keep the goverment solvent .

that the california is bankrupt , as is at least 10 other states .

I suggest , everything we are seeing is the panic of people who are desprite .

it is not if the fed and socialism is falling , failing , and bankrupt .
it is when will the fed and social engineering will it all fail , fall and bankrupt every one .

this is a power grab , as simple and plain as it can be said .

it began in october of 2008 with the fed , and they nearly did not make it to april 2009 .

the next fall is october 2009 .

the fed and more than half of the states will colapse into totale bankrupsy if I am right , and then the whole house of cards will fall .

the fed is moveing bankruptcy from credit card to credit card ... not if , when , and what power can they aquire befor it does .

I have only a gut feeling , but I lisen to the whisper in the back of my mind .

untill we have inflation , we are not at the bottom .


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