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Why we are being danced around by the ptb

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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 12:15 PM
Ok i thought i was FREE about a year ago. I read the unseen hand watched a few movies did some research and began to realize what i thought was going on was not really going on. I got onto this site and found alex jones and some other guys who seemed to have all the knowledge from inside sources and they know what is going on. Then swine flu came and i started thinking what are we going to do, WOW this could be bad either way, either you take the shot and risk the side effects which are unknown or you dont and risk getting stick or may be even get in trouble.

So my mind is wondering how this is going to play out, people here seem to think the shot is to sterilize the babies and some believe its going to cause cancers and autisim. the problem with that is it would be noticed in the trials. Some think its a way that it will lower the population which is the ptb big plan, again its going to be noticed. peolpe here are mocking the people that want to take the drug the people who want to take the drugs a freaking out because they are SHEEPLE whici we have named them so nicely.

Sheeple are the people that dont know there is a power groupt that runs the world through corporations and minipulation. Right? I think that sums them up. they believe what the tv most of the time.

Now were getting there... when i was a sheeple not long ago i believed in Barrack and any one who didnt was wrong. I was drinking the koolaide.. when i got to where i am now i thiink he isnt who i thought he was. I thought i was free. I thought i was until today when listening to a radio show host who i cant stand and the only reason i listen from time to time is because its a sports radio staton and we dont have a large maket in the morning so they buy him but its sports all day infact its the only sports radio station we have so i keep it on the memory and surf in the mornings. He had alex jones on today and what they said litterally isnt why i am writing this thread but who they claim to be and what they said on the radion station is why.

for about 2 to three month swine flu has been a little story thats carried late in the news and not that big of a deal. Fox news which i chek on to see what there feeding the blind recently started this scare campaign with swine flu and what you need to know and what you can do real basic knowledge but its got those catch phases in the titles on the web page and the big bold scare words.

So fox is starting to cover swine flu with a purpose now take the swine flu or risk what.. the trails wont conclude till later and the first doses wont be avaliable till mod OCT and the best one is closing schools wont stop the spread. The way i typed it isnt that bad its knolwedge but the way fox typed it its like the black plague is coming .

Now back to this morning, MAN COW and alex jones( please dont comment on MAN COW i dont care, he is on the only sports radio station we have i a flip through so please keep that one to yourself. Thank you.) we talking about swine flu and alex does what he always does scare everyone with his bold prediction and knowledge and said everything we have said about swine flu.... PROBLEM>>>PROBLEM>>>PROBLEM>>>

Man cow worrks for fox corp he is on there radio they have a say in what he says and he is always against gov..anti gov.. alex jones works for a radion station ran by big money.. do you think for one second that either one of them would be able to put that info on a major radio station if were true? Man cow draws some stupid listeners believe me i hear some of the phone calls some times. so these guys are talking to the sheeple but they people listening think there not sheeple. You need a good guy and a bad guy if you want to control the masses

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 12:21 PM

PROBLEM ACTION SOLUTION hitler was famous for that.

Problem elite run the world want total control
Action- get people to rebel and cause anarchy
solution- total control and we win caouse the people are to stupid.

People like them are there to ensure there is allways the bad guy and there is a good guy. that way we choose but we still choose what they want. You need conflict and choices that way you can divide the groups up and give you a choice so people feel like they have free wil and freedom of choicel. I dont have a solution but when we get all up in conspiracys about the elite and make fun of the sheeple for not knowing, what do we know? most of us are still the sheep but we dont know it yet, we are chooseing to be a different sheep.

the rabbit hole is bigger than i thought!

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 12:45 PM
One more ad on

do you think that some of here are still plugged in? I do infact sometimes i get caught up in the conspiracy sotires and begin to pick sides. Now this site has alot of good info thats true and there a a good number of you that are well educated but for most of us we are still plugged in. Anyong who claimes to know about secret stuff doesnt know. My view on the ELITE, i think something is going on with big money after all they want to stay big money. No one will be able to disclose on web site like this one or on a radio station like theres the truth. Just info to get you going and get you going in the wrong direction.


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