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New World Order From Diffrent veiw [Atleast Too Me]

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 07:04 PM
i was about to go to bed, when was just browsing video google for the nazi UFO conspiracy movie, and i stumbled over this,

Haveing obviously read alot of this issue, seen movies around. searching some on the nett. and just reading at this site. there is alot of information, but in the movie i found, i learned something. atleast for my self.

it is about this old man, an former british inteligence officer, who has been studyign in germany, pre war. and has alot of experience when dealing with the germans. how they think etc. it was realy nice, it did take care of some of my own questions i had about "new world order" and such. its a good watch if you havent seen it. i recomend it, if you are a searcher like my self

Link Too Video

after watching the movie, i was thinking "the old know's his stuff"

(This might have been posted before but i could not find it 10 pages back atleast. its good if you are fresh as well in this issue)

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