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Thank you ATS

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 03:42 AM
I did not really know the best place to post this so here seemed the most relevant.

This is not just a thank you to ATS and all the members but a ‘short’ statement about how over the past three years you have helped to change my life for the better. This might turn out to be quite long winded as I feel the need to explain just how my life has changed. I will try to trim it to the minimum but will endeavor to keep to some kind of relevancy as I rant on.

I had a burning desire to write this as not just my eyes have opened but I am actually putting into practice things I learn on this site every day. My life and others that surround me have consistently got better through the knowledge and skills picked up on this site.

I guess that my life was running similarly to countless other people throughout the world, going about my business and work life knowing that there was something missing but did not know what. I found that I was angry and frustrated and caught in a vicious cycle of morality and confusion.

I found ATS around three years ago and my primary concerns lay with UFO’s, Government cover-ups and threads related to psychology. I already had drawn my opinion on what happened on 9/11 and I was concerned at the general publics reaction and also those around me when I shared my views, I was outcast a little by certain groups as when the topic came up I felt a certain duty to share my views (albeit conscientiously).

I had left college in my first year (A levels) to take up pharmaceutical studies, which I also had left after a year. I decided to travel around a little to see what I could learn about the world and other cultures; this however just led me to roaming around and just working to live. We all need the money to live so obviously no problem there and I was still learning from all the great people that I would meet from across the world. Despite these endeavors I was still caught in the ‘rat race’ and still playing by society’s norms and standards (to a certain degree)!

After a couple of failed relationships, I was young, I found a woman that gave me the confidence and belief to be who I wanted to be, actually encouraging me to take on my mischievous, curious and often self righteous side and to use it to my and others ability. This is what led me to ATS in the first place, so kudos to my wonderful girl for taking my hand and leading me to the fountain.

I suppose rather than writing on about all my previous faults or ignorance’s it would be far more constructive to tell you about the positive things that have materialized. My thinking has become clearer now; I can act on my thoughts rather than just contemplating scenarios and dreaming of making things better. I put this attribute down to threads that have taught me about reflection and meditation, I regularly meditate now and this has added a clarity to my thinking, not so much ‘white noise’ going around in my head now. This has lead to positive actions which have vastly improved my decision and strategy making. This has also lead to more tolerance, especially over situations and people I have no control over, for example the bus being late, people taking there time in queues etc.

I do not believe everything that I deem to be true. I used to select information that fit with my beliefs with out question, now any information I come across I research further before making a judgment, this has led to almost super empathy and understanding – and a sense of achievement.

Not only has my emotional, political and spiritual state matured by the discussions that develop but practical issues such as survival and every day living has also greatly improved. There are a vast array of threads and guides available to improve living and health, my vitamin does is almost 10 times the RDA now, and I have not touched prescription medicine for around 2 years and I feel strong. (Cant afford to get around the fluoride yet).

Anyway, I know I can keep going on and listing the ways that I have changed, but as you do not know me it would be more of a self fulfilling exercise to do so, I will spare you this. I will just state that I am now starting a very small business, trying to become self sufficient and I have just been accepted to study psychology and philosophy at degree level. My girl already has studied psychology and is now studying for a social work degree. Our aim, or end game as I like to call it, is to set up a sanctuary for people who need to change there lives for whatever reason; it is a place in the Finnish forest where people can find themselves again. It will be a place of self sufficiency with great emphasis on the person to reconnect with what they deem to be real. No drugs, just people who listen and care. Lots of activities and rural living. This is to be made available to everyone at no charge, a charity if you will. This is our dream, we have been helped in life and we want to help others escape the darkness and to be free. This is greatly down to ATS, strange how a website can start all this, but everyone hears their call in different forms. This is ours.

You people are amazing, I cannot recall you all but many stand out, TheMythLives, AshleyD, MemoryShock, DimensionalDetective, and many, many more. To the people who disagree with me to the people who have helped enlighten me, thank you. From all the energy I can muster I thank you ATS you have changed my life and by doing so enabling me to help change others. I hope to be in a position in the future that if any of you need help then it shall be provided.



posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 03:57 AM
That's Great!

TheMythLives, is the only person you listed, i've actually met on ats, and that's stretching it. lol.

For me, ats opened a can of worms, and I still can't find the buggers!

I love this, well enlightenment topics. Always good to hear. Someones live is better, or more aware now.

If you could post, some of your most influencal threads, posts, I'm sure other ats'ers would appreciate that, if it was great for you, why not someone else

I'll have to look into those other members, ashly dimensional and such.

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by Republican08

"For me, ats opened a can of worms, and I still can't find the buggers! "

Fantastic, great way to describe the site.

I will dig out some of those threads, yet almost every thread has a point of view or a post with some wisdom in it. I know and read your threads a lot, I did like the "what if there is no God at all" thread and another you did on reality. (Cant remember the name).

Like I said there are so many contributors to this site it is impossible to list everyone. AshleyD is now a moderator but has so much time to offer people and is a dab hand in avatars and media. I remember Dimensional Detective as he was very active when I first started and really opened my eyes. The Myth Lives is just great at what he does, but there a so many other experts, Internos, Oz the Weatherman, Skyfloating - the list is endless!!!!!!

Again Thanks to all of you


[edit on 25/8/2009 by LestatG]

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 10:38 PM
Im glad your happy to be here, enjoy your stay!

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