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Only 2 choices

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 07:30 PM
so lately i have been thinking aobut reality. i am far from quialified to claim i have knowledge beyond that of anyone lacking a Phd in physics or any scientific field for that matter.
but i have read a little bit aobut free will vs destiny. parralell universes, quantum physics , and all that stuff that jsut boggles the mind. does the possibility of an infinite number of outcomes for any specific situation exist? and if so does it effect reality. ive seen that brief presentation where the particles filter through the slit, and apparently randomly hit teh target behind it base don user observation. ive wondered if theres a billin different realities based on any number of minute details in an event being changed. do they shape each existence accordingly? seemingly insignificant details should have a infinite number of outcomes.
but then it dawned on me, every single action, possiblity, and outcome only has 2 possible results. yes or no, happened or did not happen, do or do not do.
when looking at things in my own specific reality, or yours, each thing or event or action that taked place falls under the first choice of possible outcomes. things did happen or will happen, everything taht can be is . the specific timeline you and i are on are the cumnluatice result of every specific action in the past leading up to this point.
but waht aobut all other possible outcomes.
for instance, on timeline A,you have a dice with 100 sides. you roll the dice, and it lands on 43. does that mean in 99 other parralell universes each single outomce has occured? i do not think this is the way it works. instead, the entire null set whether its 1-43 or 44-100 are the same. in theory they can happen, but dont. all are equally non existent on timeline B. theres a ton of other examples or series of events taht can occur, but dont.
for eveything that is, there exists an event taht caused it to be. for everythign there isnt, theres an infinite amount of possibilies why, but they all never occured.
so there are only 2 choices, 2 possible oiutcomes to an specific event. it either is, or it is not.
sorry aobut the wall of text, im not looking for a huge discussion here, most people probably wont even understand waht i wrote, jsut needed to type this out to see it.
not edited for spelling, im lazy.

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