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Autosuggestion: On the NET?

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 03:50 AM
Hi everyone.

If you're interested please bare with me while I get to the point of this thread.

Firstly I'm reasonably well educated on the ways of our world & the agenda at hand. I take time to do my research & I've listened to Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Bill Hicks & David Icke through which I've also learnt many things.
If you're up to speed I need say no more about the new world order, we know that it's real. I'm also a fan of Derren Brown & I've gained insight to the power of auto-suggestion, hypnosis & how malleable the untrained human mind really is to being programmed to think.

Well I recently joined a site called 'Noesis Chat' (used to be called Lycos chat) I sit down of an evening & talk with people from my part of the country. We all have a profile on which we have photos we can view of each other. Now as you click on the first, to view the 2nd you simply press 'next' & it brings up the following pic & so on depending on how many there are. Now as you're clicking through, intermittently or occasionally (like every 3/4 clicks) instead of showing the next photograph it will display an Ad link in its place & you have to press again for it to take you to the next shot you were intending to view initially (quite annoying & I never click links from sites, advertising that way never worked for me because if I desire anything I'll search for it independently from what I believe to be a reputable source)

Anyway I was skipping through one persons photos, something appeared & as it's an automatic reaction for me to skip it - I did but in that brief moment I was all too aware of what it said in orange words 'YOU WANT A SINGLE CURRENCY' & it didn't look like a commercial Ad like the others, rather just a sign.
I wish I'd stopped & copied it because when I clicked back it wasn't there. I went back & forth through the photos in vain for about 10 mins but I was never to see it again. Other unrelated links appeared time after time but not that & I'm still waiting to see it again.

If I do find it I'll copy & paste it up & that's what I'd like you all to do here if you encounter anything of a similar nature to see how widespread such a ploy might be.

Thanks & have a good day.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 04:33 AM
well i dont do silly links like that.

but i will say that im actually a fan of a globalized government. mostly because as a affluent american, ill do just fine. ive read a lot of stuff on the subject. watched a bit. but i just dont really see anything wrong with the idea. bottom line the nwo is inevitable. id prefer it happens via military action so it gets finished that much quicker. but it will probably happen peacfully wich sucks cuz ill be stuck in this ultra violent cesspool for god knows how long.

but dont worry. it unfortunately wont happen in are lifetimes. theres to much money to be made through the way things are going now. so poo...


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