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False Flag Flu+2=False Flag Trifecta

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 10:03 PM
Hi Currently Still Breathing Folks,

I've been "jonesing" to right about a coming false flag, and I stumbled upon this site. They coined Swine Flu right on the money; it is indeed a False Flag.

While All of us are still alive bookmark this page. They're apparently organizing protests against the vaccines, and this new kind of False Flag.

I'm shifting gears now from the above to another worry. I absolutely believe that OUR VIGILANCE of the NWO has stopped any further False Flags, and more wars filled with cannon fodder for profit. However, there is a point that collision is immanent, and I think that point is soon upon us.

I had started writing a thread combining the above False Flag Flu, with two other coming False Flags. There is too much information, and it would literally take a book to fit it in. It is my opinion that we will see an Economic False Flag; combined with a terror attack from a combination enemy of Iran, and Russia.

I say Russia because they have signed defense treaties with Iran. The Powers That Be presiding over the New World Order need to have the US American People committed to a multi front war; which is what will be created with any strike upon Iran... Hence my reasoning that Russia will be drug into a coming(soon) False Flag.

By including the "Mother Land" it will help fuel an immense hatred, and kindle patriotism not since seen from the initial days after 9/11.

This Fall, and early Winter will not only see the False Flag Flu, but also the other two mentioned; in order to create war

I will leave it here to be flamed by the nay sayers, but I say watch, and see. I've never been big on dates, but I've always been huge on vigilance. I'm asking everyone who reads this to prepare, and be vigilant.

In my humble opinion this fall will be met with a trifecta of False Flags. We are entering Dark Days, and an even colder Winter..

Prepare Yourselves, Wake Up, Stand Up, and Shout Out; No More.


Ah, one more note, I've been a good vigilant observing conspiratorist for many years; something woke me long ago. A hint for the coming dark your cellphones, watch your Internet. I have observed in, and around dates of major sheeeet going down that both will have HUGE interruption in service.

You will have limited cell service, and Internet that's slower than You could ever imagine having with dial up.


Just Mi two pesos


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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 10:26 PM
Your use of the expression "false flag" is confusing, as well as incorrect. A false flag attack or operation is one in which the perpetrators identify themselves as belonging to some group other than the one they actually belong to. For example, a false flag op would be wearing an enemys uniform and committing atrocities against your own people, in order to inflame public sentiment against the enemy. Or, people claiming to belong to their opponent's party, acting in a disruptive or illegal way, giving their opponent a bad reputation.

The flu doesn't fit this definition. I'm not able to quite discern what it is you're referring to when you speak of it as a "false flag". It's BS, perhaps, but a false flag? I don't think so.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by chiron613

Hi, here's the definition from the website I sourced in the OP; I think it is fairly accurate in defining a false flag:

False Flag Ops are covert operations conducted by governments (or their agencies) that are designed to deceive the public, leading them to believe that they are in imminent danger from a foreign entity, or a particular threat. Such operations are also used by corporations, and other organizations to manipulate members, or shareholders. False Flag Ops can also be a manufactured incidents that are made to appear as if they were accidental, or as ifa massive failure occurred, requiring urgent, and drastic remedial action, but whereby the failure was actually intentional, and used as a pretext to justify unwarranted drastic action. False Flag Ops are not limited to war, but have been used often in peace-time as a pretext to create a war.

******** The New World Order doesn't "fit" into a single Country; they "fit" in multiple Countries, and ***Multinational Corporations**** In this sense they can create a ***smoke, and mirrors**** effect keeping the populace in a state of shock, awe, and lack of awareness.

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:15 PM
False Flag?

I must must say it's one of the most overused terms on this website. Right up there with 'Smoking Gun' and '100% Undeniable Proof'. It only succeeds in making my eyes roll involuntarily these days.

False Flags everywhere. It's like the boy who cried wolf ad nausea.



posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by Terranaut

No harm my friend. I wanted to document what I am SURE is a reality; I wanted to warn People to a very real threat. The Swine Flu really is easily placed into the False Flag arena.

People need to realize that is what it is. Go look at the link I provided; many
articles for You to read.

Wee are already seeing the first one of my coined trifecta....that is the Swine Flu.

Two is a planned economic collapse; I'm thinking will happen no later than early October. The power broker's will finish the dollar off around that time.

Three is an actual false flag terror event..... This will be needed in ***concert*** with the first two.

It will enable the implementation of troops to the streets for vaccinations, and, **checkpoints*** The third false flag will also cover over the economic theft by creating war....................WE ALL KNOW WARS ARE PROFITABLE FOR ALL THAT DON'T DIE.

When this comes to pass; just remember You read it here, and I warned You.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:05 AM
your post is square enough to avoid my troll hammer. good for you! not so good for me cuz i love a good cackle...

im not really sure swine flu realy needs a state mandated vaccine. seems like only .003% of the total pop have even caught it. but id probably get it just to see what kinda mutagens they slip into it.

on a lighter note, i had all the swine flu symptoms 9 months before the official out break. i was hospitalized for dehydration due to the excessive vomit and diarrhea. they charged me 1k u.s. currency. i never paid nor returned for a post check so who knows what it was. so that makes close to 9k ive stiffed em so far.


posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by acornco

Hey, I'm glad I passed the troll test. Everything I wrote has merit. Your correct about the actual virus not doing anything; so how do they know it'll be an epidemic by fall??? As I read a psychic say recently, "ARE THE PTB, AND WHO PSYCHIC?"

The answer to that is of course not. I'm thinking there will be swine flu mutation enough to scare People into the vaccine...nothing forced necessary; just FEAR. I'm thinking it will start in another 3 to 4 weeks.

The market is obviously going to crash, and it's been manipulated by evil children at the wheel. They are geniuses, and could have kept it afloat, but that wouldn't have helped stir the public into a perpetual fear...DELIBERATE MARKET CRASH FALSE FLAG TWO........ Anywhere from now to Early October.

The third false flag is the BINDING AGENT. It melts the first two together, and spits out more.. It's also the MULTIPLIER. Out of this third which will be a terror attack........ I think it could be related to the Mystery ship: Arctic Sea, and "special cargo" it was carrying.

Any ways attack number three will be imo somewhere between now, and early October. This attack will give the PTB the approval of the Masses=sheeple to set up road blocks for safety. In this paradigm the PTB can simply make vaccine quarantine part of the deal....

No shot=No travel across terror safety checkpoint.........this is how it works iwth false flag number 1.

The terror attack works with false flag number2 by HIDING THE THEFT. It also will ferment WAR.

The war with Iran has been wanted for years. However, Russia has been a HUGE deciding factor in no attack. With the defense treaties it is my opinion that the terror attack will have "RUSSIA" painted all over it ***FALSELY*** by the NWO.

The trifecta is in order to win the hearts, and minds of the masses=sheeple.

posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 08:53 PM
Hey Sancho. I don't think I would consider this one a 'flop.' If you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs, eh?

I don't agree with others stating that the Swine Flu cannot be a 'false flag' by definition...If we put too much stock in what a book says something is, we're setting ourselves up anyway.

It's been rumored on here and even outside of these circles that that the current H1N1 has some genetic properties that are highly unlikely of having occurred naturally. Biological warfare is nothing new, and when the government finally discloses that the vaccine they made doesn't work, I'm sure they will let us know that it was a lab somewhere in Afghanistan or Iran that made the bug and shipped it into Mexico, KNOWING the porousness of the border with the United States.

Your stuff is pretty deep, Sancho. I appreciate you going through the effort.

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