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Panhandling info on auratic veiwing and sensing!

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 09:21 PM
So; for the last 10 year I have had the mental ability growing, the metaphysical skill I refer to is auratic veiwing, or sighting out AURAs, they tend to be a film/membrane of colour that tends to give off an emittion of lumesence visible clearly and prominantly. I have found numerous but lacking substance web-resources on the subject. And I tend lately only get the window to perceive this phenon when I'm in a 'heated' discussion with a loved one. I present this begging for info for one reason alone, mixed signals?!? I quoted the heated because everytime we'd fight there'd be a red aura. but recently the was a blue/green one, weird as I thought. Maybe I am off base a lil here, but blue seems be a cool calm colour and green a vibrant, this is just my take on colour association, but I mainly asst. RED with ANGER and such.

Any web hooters got a direction apiece of knowledge to share or a bit of criticism I enojy the debate, the friendly the better,

Thank you


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