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Worlds First UFO Picture.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 04:03 PM
The first airship was in flight 2nd July 1900, so the picture do not show an airship.
And if is an Paper hoax , one can only speculate...

Back then, getting pictures of Ufo's must have been quite Uniqe, as camerphones were not that common, and creating an Ufo hoax back then when Ufo's werent that much known..??

What you guys think ??

First Zeppliner flight in 1900
Count Ferdinand Zeppelin, a German army officer, began developing his ideas on airships in 1897. The first Zeppelin flew on 2nd July 1900. The LZ-3 Zeppelin was accepted into army service in March 1909. By the start of the First World War the German Army had seven military Zeppelins.

The Zeppelin developed in 1914 could reach a maximum speed of 136 kph and reach a height of 4,250 metres. The Zeppelin had five machine-guns and could carry 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs) of bombs.

In January 1915, two Zeppelin navel airships 190 metres long, flew over the east coast of England and bombed great Yarmouth and King's Lynn. The first Zeppelin raid on London took place on 31st May 1915. The raid killed 28 people and injured 60 more.

Many places suffered from Zeppelin raids included Edinburgh, Gravesend, Sunderland, the Midlands and the Home Counties. By the end of May 1916 at least 550 British civilians had been killed by German Zeppelins.

Zeppelins could deliver successful long-range bombing attacks, but were extremely vulnerable to attack and bad weather. British fighter pilots and anti-aircraft gunners became very good at bringing down Zeppelins. A total of 115 Zeppelins were used by the German military, of which, 77 were either destroyed or so damaged they could not be used again. In June 1917 the German military stopped used Zeppelins for bombing raids over Britain.

Ufo Photo from 1871
This may be the first UFO photo ever taken. It's half of a stereo photograph dating from 1871, showing a cigar-shaped ship over Mount Washington, N.H.

"Mystery airships" were floating ominously over America between 1896 and World War I, but neither the ships nor the witnesses had quite got the hang of things yet. In 1897 the Washington Times suggested that the dirigibles were "a reconnoitering party from Mars"; the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch agreed that "these may be visitors from Mars, fearful, at the last, of invading the planet they have been seeking."

But other accounts said they were terrestrial airships piloted by mysterious humans. One of these supposedly told an Arkansas state senator that he was flying to Cuba to use his "Hotchkiss gun" to "kill Spaniards." In Texas, witnesses told of meeting "five peculiarly dressed men" who had descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel; they had learned English from British explorer Hugh Willoughby's ill-fated 1553 expedition to the North Pole.

Much of this is documented, but newspaper writers themselves were prone to practical jokes in that era, which makes the whole thing impossible to untangle. Plus, people seem to want to believe this stuff: In April 1897, hoaxers sent up a balloon made of tissue paper over Burlington, Iowa. The Des Moines Leader received reports that the ship had "red and green lights" and that "one reputable citizen swore he heard voices." Oh well.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 07:21 AM
Any one ?
Do you think it is an genuin 'flying thing' on the Picture ! ?

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 07:23 AM
looks like a flake in an icecream. Or maybe a bit of wood in some snow. Could well be an object in some clouds. We're never going to know.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 07:31 AM
Although there are a lot of cases around that year (the Aurora crash, for example, in that same year), I honestly can't make anything from that picture.

The one about the ice cream cracked me up...

Small pictures with no reference points are almost impossible to analyze (at least for a amateur like me)... I mean, that photo can be anything.

And if it's a photo of the sky with an object on it, one thing that worries me is that small black dot on the top... Maybe it's a hoax... But I don't know...

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 08:37 AM
The "world's first UFO picture" is actually a good old hoax.

The "UFO" is not a flying object at all - it is an object lying in the snow. The photo mentioned in the OP is one of a pair of stereo photograpts taken of the SUMMIT of Mt. Washington, NOT the clouds over the mountain. This is the stereo pair, read the text on the left side:

The stereo photos are nr. 17 in this list of "Views taken on the Summit of Mt. Washington during the winter of 1870 - 71 by Clough & Kimball". Nr. 17 is underlined, and the description reads: "FROST ARCHITECTURE":

The stereo pair photos are available from the New York Public Library's Digital Library.

The "UFO", the rectangular dark object, is probably a folding ruler placed in the snow to measure scale in the terrain.

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 01:26 PM
I find the whole airship period very interesting. I have read about other photographs taken that apparently didn't survive to the modern era. However that photo of the cigar seems to match the despriptions some people did give. The whole Cuba aspect of this is interesting too. Seeing how that conflict didn't erupt until a year after the sightings.

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