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How will collapse of $ affect the other nations?

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 12:57 PM
I've recently discovered Gerald Celente, and I'm very surprised to find that he's been forecasting the same things that I have been saying for a year.

Mr. Celente and I agree on several points...

1. America (and the UK) are in the first stages of Fascism.

2. The Banking Bailouts is robbery on an unprecedented scale.

3. The result of Govt. saving "too big to fail" corporations will be disaster, they're not fixing the problem, simply easing it for a short time.

4. The media is lying to all of us when they distract and pretend, suggesting that things are getting better. They have been told that confidence in the market is key, and so they lie.

5. The REAL economy (the money you and I spend) has already failed.

6. The Medical Care debate going on in the US right now is just another syptom of the wider problem, it's a flashpoint allowing the anger that has been built over the last nine years to become focussed and mobililsed.

7. The result will be massive civil unrest, rise in crime, kidnappings of elites/the wealthy, destruction of symbols of corporate power and greed, boycotts of major corporations, refusal to follow orders...

8. This will result in revolution, the collapse of the $, and possibly war with a foreign power (depending on the response of other nations to the collapse of the $)

9. This will (eventually) result in the failure of the corporate to be replaced by family owned business, local farming, tighter community, the break up of the US, a return to "grass roots" values.

My own personal view is that the government knows full well that the $ is about to collapse. Either through design or just insane greed, this is inevitable. It was bound to happen one day just because of the system of the Federal Bank, but no one knew it would happen so soon.
The Govt. has known for a while that this was going to happen (possibly as long ago as 2000), and they are now putting the final pieces in place in order to "maintain control" when you've all had enough of this criminal gang on wall street.
There's no doubt that the machine is already in place, backed by the legislation.
That is why I believe the National Guard is hiring. If you watch the video, banded about on here, one of the officers even states that his deployment will begin in early 2010.

My question is this...

We can all predict with some common sense what is going to happen in the US to a degree. Of course there will be other "events" that coincide by design to try to regain control, such as false flag attacks and scaremongering.

But what do you think the effects of all of this will be on other nations, specifically the UK, and when do you think it will all begin?

There is a documentary (made in 2005 I believe) that investigates what would happen "the Day the Dollar Collapsed". It predicts global rioting, isolation of the US, the rise of financial power in Asia, the cooperation of Europe, and the potential for war against the US by China.

My personal view is that we'll see the collapse of the $ within the next year. I would have said several years, but I don't think the people would ALLOW the US to become Zimbabwe, you'd invade the White House and eject all your leadership before it reached that stage.

So, what would happen around the world, and when do you think the day will actually come?

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by detachedindividual

With the number of banks collapsing, and John Titor's predictions coming closer to fruition, this could happen sooner than later. If we assume that John Titor was off by 4 years according to reasons that he gave (he claimed he changed some stuff), then that would mean we'll actually see financial collapse in 2009.

What will happen after financial collapse? I would think that there would be riots and "taser death by cop" on a large scale.


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