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The Great Escape: A tale of Entropy and Information

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 01:43 PM
The Great Escape

Idora (Information) and her sister Ethel (Entropy) were complete opposites. Idora loved complexity. She loved to do things like put puzzles together or build stuctures with Legos.

Her sister Ethel loved to destroy everything that Idora made. She loved destruction and chaos and hated order. Her room was always messy while Idora's was clean and neat. Ethel would even go into Idora's room and mess it up when Idora wasn't there.

Idora had enough of Ethel's nonsense and she decided to leave home and escape. When Ethel found out the Idora was gone she chased Idora wherever she went. The chase still continues today and Idora keeps getting away before Ethel can catch her.

End of Story

Information theory tells us the information is a fundamental property of the universe. Matter, Energy and Information.

I think Information has a purpose and that purpose is to survive. Entropy seeks to destroy Informations survival but Information is always two steps ahead. When Information leaks into the enviroment from a system, Entropy seeks to destroy it. We can escape Entropy for a short while and this is why we eat. Eating allows us to live longer and then Information can be transmitted to books, CD's or DVD's and can be past down through generations. Information has found a way to escape Entropy through biological systems.

I think Entropy has been personified as Satan. Entropy is the great destroyer. There has to then be an opposing force that can escape Entropy and that's eternal. Sort of like Yin and Yang.

I think this is found in the zero point field.

I think this also speaks to evolution and life after death.

I think this shows that evolution has a purpose. The puropose is survival of information. Information manifest itself through matter and this means evolution is directed and puropseful.

Also, this means we survive death. Death is just an illusion because matter doesn't have an objective existence. Matter is like Playdough that's shaped by information. Your memories, thoughts and ideas are information. When you die this information doesn't die, it just manifest in another capacity.

Death is like Ethel catching Idora for a brief second but Idora escapes and reorganizes and manifests again and again and infinitum.

posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 02:25 PM
Interesting thought there matrix rising....

It echoes whats found in Hindu cosmology...the concept of manifestation, preservation and destruction, in repeated cycles.

posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Matrix Rising

Wow. thanks for this thread. Really liked that story. Did you make it up or is it from a source somewhere?

I think Entropy has been personified as Satan. Entropy is the great destroyer. There has to then be an opposing force that can escape Entropy and that's eternal. Sort of like Yin and Yang.

Continuing with your logic, would it not follow then that information is personified as "God"? I would say yes due to the duality/existentialism.

We as humans perpetuate information through our consciousness. Our conscious minds yearn for knowledge/information. Our biological bodies have developed reproduction to sustain the super-consciousness, our species. In light of this, if one believes in super-consciousness, then one can see that all our consciousnesses constitute the larger super-consciousness, "God". Thus, proving "God" is indeed information?

Furthermore, given what you have said, does this mean we can say that reincarnation, if "true", can be proven by the first law of thermodynamics?

Anyway. Ill give it more thought. Thanks again.

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by Unlimitedpossibilities

Thanks for the response.

I came up with the story while thinking about the origin of information.

You can also see these things play out in our different religions, politics and more. There are even people who think the earth would be better off if mankind is destroyed. Everything is about these two principles, order and chaos. They are two sides of the same coin because information creates order and chaos when it's introduced into a system.

I think you can say God is information or the Word. The Word is the organizing principle that's within each one of us but we also have that destructive principle inside of us. I think life and reincarnation is about trying to find balance between the two.

When information is introduced into a system, you get two oppising forces. You get an organizing force (God) and you get a destructive force entropy (Satan).

I think the first law does support reincarnation in that just like matter and energy, information does not die. It is just transformed into another state.

Everything about us is information. Our thoughts, ideas, memories and more. So when you die, this information doesn't die, it just manifests itself in a different capacity.

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