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sadaam hussein parallel to stalin's USSR

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posted on Feb, 13 2003 @ 10:29 AM
Im sure im not the only one to have thought of this. But I see great similarity between sadaam hussein's iraq and stalin's russia.
Back when Stalin was ruling, the russians were very happy on the surface. They all thought Stalin was great because he controlled the media and everything that would be able to influence the public. NOthing that even suggested anything other than his brilliance was simply not published.
SO through his propaganda and cult of personality, he had everyone beliving they were at a great advantage, even though there were food shortages, poor housing and living conditions and were being tortured.
This is pretty similar to sadaam husseins rule. He controlls everything too. Every night on iraqui tv withought fail, someone sings a 'love' song about how great sadaam is......
He fears loosing his power more than anything else in the world. So he makes sure things go his way in elections.
So people only say they think he's fantastic because basically, if they say anything else, they'll be shot!!

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