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Skeptical Inquiry...

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 03:00 AM
For the skeptics, who are akin to me, and akin to others on the infamous, ATS.

We do what we do, and we 'near' painstakingly counter, and debate others on ATS.

Now, we may be able to knock out Niburururu's (spelled funny of course, for funniness it is).

I do what I do, and I have felt a strong urge... Perhaps, a spiritual urge to combat, Not only Religion, but Theism, agnostics, and such. (Spiritual for a bit sarcasm I suppose)

Why do some of you, argue with Climate Change . aka. Global Warming.

Why do you speak against Alien Contact, and abductees.

And for on, with the rest of the bizarre beliefs.

Now I 'Know' the reasons for why I stand against religion, and agnostics (those who believe in a god, but aren't quite sure which one it may be? Or none of the above, but nonetheless there is a god).

I really would like to know, what harm, Abductee believers pose.

Now I can list how "Religion Poisons Everything", brilliantly said by Mr. Hitchens.

But i'll withhold because this is OT.

Why stand up against Alien Contact, why against these... futile... inhospitable. Subjects.

I believe it's related to what I struggle against, and can take a vow to defeat it, with my entire life. And aha, this vow, doesn't require celibacy.
and thank god for that.

The belief, in something so, abstractly absurd, is dangerous. Very much so, it results in broken families (per say, a wife delusional about her husband cheating, yet he isn't although the delusional belief remains. Vice versa also)

What harm, besides the belief, solely, in Aliens that have visited earth, do to us. I have not heard.... although I may be mistake, and would of course, require a correction, of a Abductee believer, having Blown himself up, in a market place.

I understand deny ignorance, but it seems quite trivial, in the whole matters of things.

I'm meaning no offense to the skeptics, I do love you. Not in a gay way though... lol

No offense to gays/homosexuals.

I would just like to know the 'reasoning' behind it.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Keep it civil...


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