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The Infamous Russian WOOD Cargo

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 07:05 PM
Am I the ONLY person on this earth that finds it ever so odd that NO ONE will approach this ship? Many "coastal guards" have seen it...many mariners have seen it....yet not one of them WILL APPROACH IT!
Coastal guards are equipped to save ships and their crews; they have helicopters and ships and planes and men/women trained to the hilt at going out to sea to rescue people and their vessels.
Now why with ALL of these guards seeing this floating “wood” transport have none of them even attempted to go near it and save the crew who is obviously in trouble?

Answer: Everyone has been told to stay away from it is why! They have been told not to go out and help a ship carrying wood....”not” likely wood people. Put on that thinking cap.

Timber my buttocks I say! The company and the Russian Military said, it was going to Algeria and was supposed to have gotten there 10 days ago now. (was due to arrive on Aug 4,2009) The ship however has now been spotted off of Cape Verde? AFRICA? How could it have gotten that far with a horde of Russian military following it? They are some of the best sea men out there, this is not some secret hidden in the recesses of information. They are great at what they do and NOT catching that ship should be our first clue.

Perhaps the people who boarded it as claimed didn’t only “search” for 12 hours and left. Perhaps they found what they where looking for and HAVE IT? Perhaps they are still on board?
Now doesn’t that make more sense as to why no one will approach it?

If you think about it perhaps the Russians have asked that no one goes near it. BUT then again why? It is only timber after all and if these men had REALLY been attacked and hijacked or set a drift with minimal engine power it would be the humane thing to go and help. SO why the heck is no one going near it? AHHHH

This is a place to get to the bottom of stories, not sit around and rehash the news people. Lets put our thinking caps on here.

We know the ship was bound for Algeria
Due to arrive on August 04, 2009
it is loaded with a large amount of “timber/wood”
it was boarded and searched for 12 HOURS
it was then let go and just resumed its trip(?)
they made no attempt to dock and file a report
they made no attempt to dock and let authorities on board
they made no attempt to alert authorities as to the incident in the first place;the persons who own the "timber" alerted the authorities
the Russian MILITARY is called in to search for a ship full of wood
the Russian MILITARY is chasing a ship full of wood
NONE of the many "guards" who have spotted the ship have attempted to go out and check on the men or the ship
they HAVE however reported as to where it is

Now why on gawds green earth would you NOT go near a ship full of WOOD!

It is SIMPLE the ship is NOT only carrying WOOD! GEEZ that one was easy now wasn't it! So it obviously isn't only carrying wood so what else would cause country after country NOT to approach the ship............


We need to look into the past history of what we have caught Algeria doing.
We need to look at what we have caught Russia transporting in the past.
Then we need to look a lot deeper into when how why and what this company and any sister companies it has (hint hint) have shipped in the past.
Who have they contracted with in the past. HOW long has the company even been around and who they have worked side by side with in the past.
When found who have those companies worked with....get the idea here?
No company in this day and age can survive on only transporting wood that is a given. So let us look into what else they have shipped around !

I will add more as we go along feel free to chime in! This isn't a place to argue this is a place to work KEEP THAT IN MIND!

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 08:06 PM
Okay so earlier today we all know that the ship was announced to have been seen off the coast of Cape Verde...NOW this story has been updated by the Russians as follows

Alexander Karpushin, Russia's ambassador to Cape Verde, disputing that information about this ship, which had been carrying a load of timber and 15 Russian sailors.


"There was information that a cargo ship similar to the one being searched for was spotted 400 nautical miles north of the island of Santo Antao," Karpushin said after meeting with the head of Cape Verde's armed forces, according to Reuters. "However, this information did not prove to be true."

The Arctic Sea disappeared after passing through the English Channel on July 28. The Maltese-flagged freighter sent radio messages as it sailed along the coasts of France and Portugal, but then all contact was lost.

and yet again it comes up

The alleged attack, unusual in itself, raised further concerns because it was not reported until the freighter had passed through Britain's busy shipping lanes and was heading out into the wide Atlantic. There have been fears that some of the attackers might still be aboard.

But could it be???

Speculation on what might have happened to the ship has ranged from suspicions that it was carrying secret cargo — possibly narcotics — to theories about a commercial dispute. Security experts have been wary of attributing its disappearance to bandits, noting that piracy is almost unheard of in European waters

this is the link I got it from:

it is from fox news (yeah I know) BUT all of the MSM seem to be hashing out the same story over and over!
My first questions on reading the many updates to this mystery ship is that of the AMBASSADOR speaking to the ARMED FORCES then turning around and saying it was a case of mistaken identity.
What I found interesting in this report rehash is the "perhaps they are still on board" or "perhaps there is narcotics involved". There are much easier ways to steal drugs in my book!

Especially ones that don't involve stealing drugs from the Russian government

That is like showing up at a gun fight with a butter knife!

Some more very strange news oout of none other than the USA Navy times:

The Swedish daily Metro said it spoke by telephone with someone who claimed to be the Arctic Sea captain July 31 about the reported hijacking in the Baltic Sea.

“They were dressed in black uniforms,” the newspaper quoted the captain as saying. “They resembled American elite soldiers and seemed very professional. They said they were looking for coc aine, which should have been loaded in Kaliningrad. They spoke English, with some kind of accent.”

The ship was repaired in Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave, before picking up the timber cargo in a Finnish port.

Other theories include a commercial dispute or insurance fraud.

“There is a possibility of insurance fraud, that the ship was sunk somewhere and the owners of the ship and the cargo then claim insurance,” military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer said.

“On the other hand, a ship can be reregistered, repainted. It can be hijacked to change its identity, like a stolen car,” he said.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday ordered that “all necessary measures” be taken to find the missing ship, and the Russian navy turned all of its vessels in the Atlantic — including three landing ships, a frigate and two nuclear-powered submarines — to search. The Defense Ministry said Thursday it was also using satellites.

Turned the whole fleet lose to find a bunch of WOOD! There is not only wood on that ship. This I am now sure of!

Some information on the company:

Timber products sales to North Africa and Middle East countries is handled by RETS Timber, Helsinki in Finland and Stora Enso Timber doo, Koper in Slovenia. The companies export soft wood products for the market areas of Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

RETS Timber is a trading company partly owned by Stora Enso Timber (50%) and United sawmills (50%). The company sells Nordic and Baltic products from Stora Enso Timber, United sawmills and other minor suppliers. The largest end use market for Pine is in joinery and for Spruce, in construction. RETS Timber is the market leader with a one-third share of the total market area.

Stora Enso Timber doo in Koper, Slovenia is 100% owned by Stora Enso Timber. It sells soft wood products from the company's Central European sawmills to North African and Middle Eastern markets, completing specifications with other soft- and hardwood producers from Central Europe.

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 08:19 PM
S+F! But, already being massively discussed here...

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 09:13 PM
Yeah why didn't you post into one of the tens of threads already going?

The timber was from Finland and there is no reason or evidence to believe that there isn't timber as gargo. There is however room enough for other stuff also. The ship wasn't searched when it was on port in Pietarsaari, they only did administrative query for the ship.

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