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9/11 was all about artificially reducing petroleum demand

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 02:14 AM
1870 - John D. Rockefeller founds Standard oil and revolutionizes the worlds petroleum industry

1956 - Marion Hubbert, predicts peak oil

Early 1960's David and Nelson Rockefeller concieve of the world Trade center

1963 - Minoru Yamasaki architect for the Saudi Royal (Bin Ladin) Family commissioned to design the World Trade Center.

1966 - Stanislav Brebera discovers an early version of Semtex called explosia. Explosia is more powerful, stable and has a longer shelf life than modern Semtex. (There is speculation that it was actually explosia, planted during the construction of the WTC, that actually brought the towers down.)

1968 - North tower construction begins

1969 - South tower construction begins

Early 1970's US domestic oil peak production as predicted by Marion King Hubbert

1971 - Federal Reserve dollar was switched from being backed by gold to being backed by oil.

1972 - WTC 1 completed

1973 - WTC 2 completed

In 1973, the price of oil skyrockets, bringing a huge amount of wealth to Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Middle Eastern countries. The Center for Security Policy (CSP), a Washington think tank, will calculate in 2003 that between 1975 and 2002, the Saudi government spends over $70 billion on international aid. More than two thirds of the money goes to Islamic related purposes such as building mosques and religious schools. This money usually supports Wahhabism, a fundamentalist version of Islam dominant in Saudi Arabia but far less popular in most other Islamic nations. CSP scholar Alex Alexiev calls this “the largest worldwide propaganda campaign ever mounted” in the history of the world.
[US News and World Report, 12/15/2003]

9/11/01 - WTC collapses

9/11/01 - World economic shock begins (Peak oil awareness begins)

post 9/11 - George Bush states that terrorists have attacked the U.S. economy

The Post Terrorist Economy

How will the U.S. economy be affected by the 9-11 attacks in the long run? In short, very little. The U.S. economy is enormous – we have a national income of nearly $10 trillion dollars per year, we have around 130 million workers, we invest $1.7 trillion per year in physical capital and we engage in nearly $800 billion dollars of international trade (counting combined imports and exports). The next largest economy is China with less than half that amount of income despite having over 1 billion citizens (nearly 4 times our size).

We are ‘Economic Monster Inc.’ If the entire state of California were destroyed and fell into the ocean, these numbers would fall by approximately 20-25% — a catastrophe yes, but nothing worse than the Great Depression. Even nuclear terrorism could not produce anywhere near that type of devastating loss. It is important to note that economies always continue to function well under duress – look at Britain and Germany during WWII.

So we must keep things in perspective – the U.S. economy will continue to grow as long as we do not do anything stupid.

post 9/11 - Federal reserve embarks upon a program of reducing the prime rate. Interest rates fall. MOney becomes cheap to borrow. Investors invest in real estate, hell everybody invests in real estate. It turns out everybody can borrow cheap money, even your dog. Home prices head to the moon.

Housing prices bust and foreclosures begin. A handful (California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida) of states see the highest real estate appreciation. They are the ones that also expierience the highest levels of foreclosure. This mirrors similar events that led up to the Great depression 1929 - 1934.

Foreclosures cause a tidal wave to reverberate through the financial system. Business begin to downsize as sales decrease.

Banks make it more difficult to borrow money, thereby limiting the money supply even though the Federal reserve continues to increase the money supply by printing money and loaning money to banks to cover bad loans.

More foreclosures happen as investors weigh thier options and decide to bail on thier losing investments.

Even more foreclosures occur as people lose thier jobs and business' due to economic downturn.

Guess what. People stop driving and travelling as much. Oil consumption drops as consumers stop buying as much stuff and as business all around decreases.

Here's what helped me connect the dots. CERA, the same people who in 2006 said,

World oil production will not begin to fall for at least another 24 years ...

came out in July 2009 to say ...

In his recent testimony to the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress, IHS CERA Chairman Daniel Yergin noted that the recent collapse in global oil prices could threaten future supply growth and increase the likelihood of a new "Long Aftershock" as the global economy recovers.

Things will never be the same. THey will never allow the american people to go back to thier old energy wasting ways. But don't believe for a second that they have altruistic motives.

THey intend on securing complete control over the entire worlds population. They used oil as thier means of control before. Now they will likely use technology. Welcome to the matrix.

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