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tidal turban : ocean electrical power genaration

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 05:31 PM
let me tell you a story .

I had got laid off , lack of work .
I applied for unemployment , and really looked for a job for the first two weeks , looked at moving out of state , kept looking at the navy , or army .
if I cut back , didn't spend any money , didn't do anything , the unemployment would last for a while .

my friend dave took me out and we talked , but that got thin after a month .
things were getting pretty bad .

just for the heck of it... I took a bus trip .
I had the time and it seemed like a fun thing to do.

I got to lincioncity on the oregon coast sat on the beach , thinking of nothing but watching the sun come up.
when two people found me , I didn't think anything of it , it was a good place to sit , and watched with me .
lost in the moment , we were talking , I don't remember how it started .

they talked of politics , god , the nature of reality , awareness and art.
they talked of greatness and history and sun rises , sun sets .
we talked of the struggles , working at a trade and living .

I remember so clearly talking of how hopeless and strange everything seemed .
how wrong everything was blow befor frustration , lost with out hope .

the women said to me ," would you like some hope ? , would you like to beleive in a better future ?"
I nodded , " of course "

the man asked " what do you mean ? "

she said firmly with a smile , " let me tell you of a world not so far in to the future , as what you might beleive .
a world of abundance where answers are where ever you see ."

the man with her said softly " this is not a good idea . but proceed "

" in the mind I lisen , with the heart feel , let your minds eye picture a world yet to be .
what will the world look like , dream , feel and see .

she points up the beach and their we paint with her words , people walking carry'n wood down to the sea .

hundreds of 2x4's 20 feet long , stacked in a pile as more come along .
pause for a moment and look at just one... look at it , see it , to know what is comming , the business thats comming along .

in the minds eye she paints , a propeller blade made of wood... pushed thru a band saw with out sanding or curves .
then dipped in linseed oil to varnish and seal ... a single hole drilled in the middle .... hummm "

I thought ' what does this mean , where will this go , what is she saying , ok , sure lets go . '

she says " in the minds eye watch as they press a circle of card board into the sand "
her gentle man friend adds " 4 inchs cut from a card board box , opened in to a circle ... not so high tech . "

she nodded lay a propeller across it add another circle of card board , and another propeller blade , and another propeller blade ..."
the man with her added " each at nearly a right angle to the last propeller blade "
she nodded and agreed " and twisted just slightly in an archameadi's screw , held togather at first by a core center of card borad box's .... untill you have a tall cylindar 7 or 8 feet tall . just people who have come to the beach for some fun , run in the wave , drink beer , start a fire , feel the sun . "

her man friend nodded and added , " as one pile is completed the next is begun , so they will not fall over a galvanzide steel cable is pushed down thru the hole drilled in the center of all of the propeller blades . "

she nodded " Oh yes , don't forget , they are glued togather and the cable that runs , has been glued also so it can keep the tall stack all togather , and become solide as one ..."

her gentle man friend grins , saying " when 10 of these stacks are constructed and done , two part foam is poured down the card board box center of each one .
poured and left to harden , poured and left to cure , poured and they play , morning cores are now done .

they play on the beach , fly kites and sing songs , run in the surf , laught and get along .

all day on the beach their 10 piles of propellers sit getting strong , till well after noon , when things again start to again move along .

from above the high water line , where the beach house is found , between the house and the waves is a small building of all concrete .
it is solide and stout , and easy to see... out of this building comes a hose , in the minds eye see ...

8 inch's in diameter and hundreds of feet long ... baried in the sand , it runs along ... out to the beach , out to the waves ... then you see something strange so come along ...

the hose goes to boxes , of concrete , with card board shell , each with two barrels on either side as well .
see in the minds eye the center inside . "

she smiles " yes , lets go back a bit and discribe . you see in the minds eye , feel with your mind , inside of the hose is a high pressure hydrolic line .
and with in each box of this concrete , is a hydrolic pump , waiting to be connected to the turbans that cure in the sand and the sun .

when the radio is called and the fisherman in his boat , lets every one know he is about in his boat ...
the piles of propellers are put pulled and then rolled... the cable is attached to that hydrolic pump with an arch welder of sorts ...

now is the bad part... the thing that is hard for our folks... the boat comes in as a little rubber raft take a rope to the boat.

as every one watchs , with smiles they see... the boat pulls on the rope and out thru the surf go the ten piles of propellers , barrels and blocks of concrete."

her gentleman friend , smiles and says with a grin ," out thru the waves out , out into the deep , away from the shore the boat pulls all that you see .

on the sand and the beach , our friends barie the hose ... make it all disappear with shovels and hoes .
but out in the water , away from the beach , when the ocean current turbans are pulled as far as the hose will go.
the boat lets go of the barrels , one at a time... releases the concrete blocks and they suddenly sink...

sink to the bottom one at a time , sink to the bottom and then the pumps turn slowly.. to the current they find ."

she says softly " this is the magic , this is where it gets fun , up on the beach , above the high water line , in the concrete building where the hydrolic line enters after a time...

the pressure that builds in second is then , made it to power and sold to the net . "

I leaned back and open'd my eyes for the first time , lisen'd and heard what they buildt in my mind .
I asked " hydrolic oil , is nasty and sad , wouldn't it leak , thats pretty bad "

he said " yes you are right , yes that would be bad... but the fluid you use is not like that .
their is a kind that is not bad at all , water soluable oil is fish food in fact ... not only not bad , if it leaks , the problem is the fish it attracts and makes fat ."

she giggled and smiled , smiled and said , " the fisherman have jobs , while the season is done , the power that is sold make money for all of us beach bum's
the ocean current never changes like wind ... and the whole thing is hidden so no vision is sinned ....
free power from sun , that will never run out ... in the future this is how the world is powered .... but not now , not till this is found out.

a simple design , thats easy to make , works when your sleeping , or when your awake .. no goverment owns it , no business can control it , private home owners just sell what the ocean give under the swells ..."

I asked " I don't understand what makes the propeller turn ?"

her gentleman friend nodded " the 3 mile per hour current ... it is every where... it doesn't move very fast , but nothing can stop it ... it starts at 200 feet from the surf... and goes out to the middle of the ocean ... the propellers don't turn very fast... but the torc is monsterious ... "

she nodded... " and in the future the whole world runs on electricity... electricity made by ocean currents .... made by just this kind of design ... billions of these , oil is used for plastic and air planes fuel ... not for something that is free energy ... so , don't worry , things will work out... things look pretty bad now... but it will get better "

on the bus , on the bus going home , it did make sense to me... they were two of the strangest people I had ever talked to .... but honestly, for some reason I kinda did feel better ...
the future would be better... it just takes time


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