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Guided Meditation and Personal Experiences

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 12:09 AM
Throughout the whole of my life, I have tried to put meaning to my existence. I have tried everything from mathematics, to Christianity to the most anti-everything beliefs that exist. I have found that a balance between the many is what is needed to even come close to peace within oneself. Although I have never experienced real inner peace, I have come awful close. And I know there are many out there like me and I would like to act as a guide that others can improve upon.

The first step that I have learned is proper mental discipline. Alot of eastern religions emphasize mental discipline like it is no tomorrow. And this aspect of our nature seems to be at the bottom of the totem list in todays western cultures. And I believe it to be a major contributing factor to the rising despair. People cannot handle what is going on as our world is collapsing beneath us, from a lack of mental discipline.

I have learned that meditation is the main key to obtaining proper mental discipline.

I will give an example of a meditation that I use regularly to get my mind focusing on one thing at a time.

"Close your eyes. As you breathe in, concentrate on that breath. Count your heartbeats between your breaths. It is important to get the heart-rate down in order to achieve a higher mental state. As you count your heart beats between your breaths, visual and try to feel your heart slowing. Try to control the pace of the heart beating. It is also Important to relax every muscle in your body while you do this. Try to be in a sitting position to avoid falling asleep. If you do, no big deal. Happens alot at first.

This relaxation technique will become easier and almost natural and require no effort once you have done it enough times. I recommend getting accustomed to it before moving on to the next step".

"The next meditation is designed to probe your subconscious for answers to your questions. It can also be used to recall dreams and what not. While in your relaxed state, stop focusing on your heart and breath and just stare into the void that is before your closed eyes. Clear your head of all thoughts. Do not analyze the void. Any images that come to mind, do not analyze. Think of nothing. After some time, images will begin to manifest themselves. Once they are coming regularly, ask your question in your mind. Feel the question. And wait for the images to emerge again. Do not analyze them once again, you can analyze them and write them down after you are done meditating. Continue this excercise as long as you see fit".

I will continue on with this thread and some more meditation excercises that I use if so asked for.

Here are some suggested reading materials for anyone interested in continuing.

I have tried a few of these. They are indeed peaceful

If anyone else has meditations they have devised and work, or have some other suggested reading lists. I would be more than happy to hear of them and check them out.

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 12:51 AM
great post SnF !

Meditation is indeed very peaceful
and the void can yield many answers which deep down you already knew but where unaware of.

I will definitely check out the link you provided, sound pretty interesting

i sent you a U2U check it out

posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 06:35 AM
Qi gong. meditation but, emphasizes much more on the body. Kind of like yoga.

One of the people who taught me martial arts would do 30 minutes of just meditation for his class. He taught only once a week, but they would have to close the dojo because so many people wanted to be in there.

(At, the risk of sounding like a spaced out hippy)

The feeling afterwards made your soul feel like the scene of a gentle lake.

Do you feel meditation works best with a group?

I can't seem to get the same effect when meditating alone.

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by CosmicYahtzee

I have only ever meditated alone. But, I like my solitude. I would imagine that group meditation would have the same effect if not a more profound effect because of the collective energy coming from it.

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