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Timeless Wisdom ~ Inspiration to help along your path

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:31 AM
Please feel free to use this thread as a daily source of Inspiration and Enlightenment.

"Fear in the face of the fearsome is what makes the fearsome fearsome.

Yet faith in the face of the fearsome removes the fear, and turns the fearsome handsome. I mean, that which is fearsome can actually be good looking, if we are good at looking at it in a new way.

This takes a change of mind. It takes a new perspective. It takes a sense of wonder in life and an awareness that life itself is working with us, not against us at any level. Or to put it in somewhat more spiritual terms, God is always on our side.

The process of Mastery, then, is one of acceptance. It is a quiet embracing of what is. It is a non-resistence. It is a gentle walking into the moment, knowing that it holds for us, always, what is best for us all ways. Do you believe this? Then it is true."

A Flower For YOU.

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