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Economy Stupid- Not Healthcare

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 11:59 PM
President Obama had a mandate when he came in and that was to turn this economy around. We are all aware that Obama inherited a bad situation when he took over. However, let's also remember that President Obama was aware of the situation when he volunteered to run for President. He also claimed throughout the election campaign that he had the best plans for America.

As Barack Obama takes office, the public’s focus is overwhelmingly on domestic policy concerns – particularly the economy. Strengthening the nation’s economy and improving the job situation stand at the top of the public’s list of domestic priorities for 2009. Meanwhile, the priority placed on issues such as the environment, crime, illegal immigration and even reducing health care costs has fallen off from a year ago.

85% of Americans wanted him to focus on the economy while 59% wanted him to focus on reducing healthcare costs.

Obama's desicion to lump the two has backfired on him IMO. The healthcare issue has overshadowed the economy. As Americans continue to lose their house, their jobs, their unemployment, their savings, their ability to remain self-sufficient, Congress is steadily busy trying to pass a healthcare bill.

Not bills that would create more jobs, not bills that will help the average American, only bills and issues that involve healthcare.

WASHINGTON — President Obama, after working on health care for most of the past month, turns attention this week to the overall economy — and Republican attacks on his $787 billion stimulus bill and the unemployment rate.

Obama doesn't plan to ignore health care in the coming days. In the radio address, Obama said he is returning to Elkhart because it has been hit by "the broader economic changes of recent decades" that include higher health costs. As it was during Obama's visit in February, Elkhart is among the nation's leaders in unemployment, at 16.8%.

President Obama is fixated on his healthcare. The sad part is that it is not his plan. I seriously doubt that Obama even knows what most of the bill says. Blind Faith

Healthcare Can Wait.

Americans need jobs, jobs, more jobs, and a better economy. Obama CANNOT depend that his stimulus plan by itself will turn this economy around.

Back in early January, when Barack Obama was still President-elect, two of his chief economic advisers — leading proponents of a stimulus bill — predicted that the passage of a large economic-aid package would boost the economy and keep the unemployment rate below 8%. It hasn't quite worked out that way. Last month, the jobless rate in the U.S. hit 9.5%, the highest level it has reached since 1983.

People of all sex, race, color, and political parties are getting irate because of many reasons, not just Healthcare. Labeling them is only going to unite them on a common theme. Government is trying to shut them up for what they believe. Could it be possible that our elected leaders in charge are undermining the real power they have? Why are they so busy trying to destroy people who are against them?

Meanwhile, Congress demands more bank lending even as it assails lenders and threatens to let judges rewrite mortgage contracts. The powers in Congress -- unrebuked by Mr. Obama -- are ridiculing and punishing the very capitalists who are essential to a sustainable recovery. The result has been a capital strike, and the return of the fear from last year that we could face a far deeper downturn. This is no way to nurture a wounded economy back to health.

Listening to Mr. Obama and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, on the weekend, we couldn't help but wonder if they appreciate any of this. They seem preoccupied with going to the barricades against Republicans who wield little power, or picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh, as if this is the kind of economic leadership Americans want.

President Obama might have been surprised to find out that if he had invested more time in recovering the economy, giving people jobs, easing the economic burdens Americans are facing, he could have easily passed his healthcare reform at a later time.

President Obama,

It's the economy stupid, not healthcare.

Without a prosperous economy, you won't be able to pay for your healthcare in the first place.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 12:04 AM
If the economy is fixed (i.e. get rid of the Federal Reserve), most of the problems that come next in that list would be all but fixed.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 12:27 AM

Originally posted by jam321

You can remove three items on this list that don't need to be fixed, because they are invented problems - Terrorism, Energy and Global Warming - these are purely fake issues, if the scum stopped making them a problem they would dissappear.

Then looking at the rest of the list - you could solve most of it by removing the Central Banking system and fiat currencies.

Then you are left with a small grab bag of social issues which are the result of interference in society by the scum, things such as education, crime, moral decay - these are problems created intentionally by the scum controllers.

If we removed the scum who control everything - then the list would probably dissappear.

[edit on 8-8-2009 by Amagnon]

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