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GLP promotes fake birth cert - bans legit info

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 04:27 PM
I tested GLP by posting reples in various threads to see if my IP might be banned. No problem.

So I LINKED to a legit article (and audio interview) from a mainstream source regarding the birth certificate of an Aussie man being changed and used to create the current faked Kenyan cert. Within seconds I was banned and my thread deleted.

It appears that GLP (and its flowery military Intel-backed leader, Trinity) has determined to promote the same screaming mob attacks used by the Bush/Cheney gang during the 2000 election while also stopping anyone from finding out the birth certificate issue is a distracting hoax. This is what I am seeing over there.

I don't agree with everything Obama does, but when a lie is being promoted to stir up anger among those with a screw missing, it can be dangerous. I am old enough to remember how a similar campaign against JFK began.

Something is brewing here. Mindless mobs are being manipulated as cover for something down the road.

Since Obama has stood up to Israel regarding the land grabbing thing I think he needs to be extra cautious. Especially regarding those around him.

Seriously. I am concerned for him. GLP, with its obvious ties to the DOD, is only one of the useful promoters of this. Something stinks here.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by Whatthehell?
What is GLP?

I'm unsure about this Kenyan birth certificate... I'm 100% sure this issue is a distraction for something else, Bohemian Grove, a sneaky new law or tax being passed... bigger corruption issues in America (New Jersey)... etc but the law is pretty clear that an American can only be president of America, but since Obama's mom is an 100% American I really can't see any potential conflict.

However the bigger question may be why are they making such an issue out of it, unless they're trying to hide the fact that Obama was incubated in some alien lab inside the moon.

What's really going on behind the scenes for them to drag this likely non-issue on for so long?

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 05:17 PM
Hey, Whatthehell?!

You're not alone. I know of a couple people who posted similar clarifications in the Obama threads at Godlikeproductions, including me, and all of our IPs were banned.

I personally had three or four posts removed immediately, two of which were added by proxy.

If there were any ambiguity behind who runs Godlike, that ambiguity has been totally cleared away for me.

No doubt here that something untoward is happening beneath what appears for all intents and purposes to be a general conspiracy message board.

One of my posts mentioned how the admins / mods there liked to refer to WorldNetDaily as "WorldNutDaily," but for some reason mods and admins were treating this one article from WorldNetDaily as indisputable truth of the Birth Certificate issue(?).

I actually got a creepy feeling being banned, and that feeling was only made worse by the strange (and immediate) posts in support of this article, from other admins and mods.

There was this odd encouragement and backpatting going on like they had found the holy grail.

The article in question was on a controversial and dubious alternative news site, and no one with any brains had a sense that what was being presented was anything but a fake.

Watching this whole thing unfold just gave me an uneasy feeling. The admins and mods appeared to be involved in some sort of strange inside joke...

The right people can see what's happened and what is happening there.

I have a feeling that there are individuals either selected to, or maybe even get paid to make posts.

It's just a weird scene.

I signed on there, so I could share in some of the ufo / 2012 related exchanges, but after some time I realized that I was posting more on issues that were clearly misunderstood. Issues that just smacked of Illuminati propaganda.

It's just odd being banned from an open public forum such as that for simply disagreeing with a perspective in a respectful manner.

What is even more odd, and kind of sealed the deal for me was that all of the posts I made, including the proxy posts, were removed. There was a deliberate effort to undertake the time consuming and tedious task of banning all of these IPs.

Just weird...

Oh, well, they can peddle their propaganda without me 'til the cows come home.

God bless haha


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