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The Advantage -The "Anti" Conspiracy

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 12:08 PM
This is something I have been pondering for a while now. It is in regards to most of the conspiracies we hear about and life in general all around us. From the "NWO", to the technological stifflement of parts of the scientific community to different political postures to economic and religious usury and everything in between. What do they all have in common? They are all searching for the advantage. The consideration that these are attempts at gaining the advantage is the logical perspective that defies conspiracy or as I called it the "anti"-conspiracy...

My focus with this is to show a perspective that will try to help you look at some of these "conspiracies" in a different light. Im not saying they are all bunk and are not conspiracies, and I am not saying they are actual conspiracies. I am just trying to provide a different way of looking at them.

While many here believe in the "NWO" or secret group of people that rule the world, I have found more and more of the recent happenings in our current existence are more coincidental and products of our own human nature than expansively conspiratorial designed to destroy us or hinder our societal advancement.

What I mean by that is not that conspiracies aren't taking place all the time. Indeed they are. But, that one group of humans no matter there wealth, bloodline, or capacity can not effectively control todays world on each of our own individuals level, ever. Certainly, groups of men have conspired and brought about massive changes to even some of our more basic structures we all live by. Some have created wars, and destroyed and some have even hindered the progression of advancement by the human species. But these seperate conspiratorial acts are just that seperate and all have the same thing in common, as I have previously mentioned: to gain an advantage.

An advantage can be accomplished by many ways. Lets take an athlete for example. Each competitor knows well their competition will more than likely be working as hard as him and know all the tricks he knows. So when someone desires to come out on top above all other things, what might he do? Take steroids. Increasing his muscle mass, making him stronger and more efficient in a short period of time. Giving him what exactly? An advantage over his competition in the short term. But something that has to be pointed out is the athlete who has won the race due to his steroid issue doesnt know the effect those same steroids are going to have on his body years later. There could be very bad consequences of his actions yet to be understood by the athlete himself. Then you have the people who sold the drugs to the athlete, those that advised the athlete in which ones to take and even more those that administered the drugs to the athlete.

Now. Lets take a look at some of the banker conspiracies out there. I am going to use the federal reserve as my example. When the reserve was created it was looked upon (by some) as the most sophisticated banking legislation that ever existed. When it was injected into the United States there were some excellent reasons behind its inception and implementation. Unification of the banking mechanism. Creating a central currency and improving safety standards for other bank branches. The federal reserve became the United States steroids. Was its purpose to destroy the U.S.? I dont think so. After all, here we are today, and no matter what some say, we have had a massive boom and an era of unprecedented wealth gathering and distribution in the 90s coupled with a standard of living that has been some of the best in the world. Was it meant to be used to control people and their lively hoods? I also dont think so. If it had been designed with such intentions, I dont believe I would be sitting here typing these words at this time. It was the most advantageous way for the U.S. to spread its culture, and to take the advantage on the worlds playing field. One of the only ways a nation can be safeguarded from being conquered, attacked (not necessarily 100% in this case) or influenced by those outside its borders is by spreading its culture, or in our case: Money. Does that mean it has been the most fairly designed system? Does that mean other systems coudn't have been designed to help with wealth distribution more evenly? Definitely not. It means it was built to make the rich richer (or those with most influence) and safeguard those riches through design of the system. Again, taking the advantage over any competition that was sure to heading the way of American monetary policy and world influence. The advantage being gained and justast the steroids not knowing the affects it was going to have 100 years leater or even 20 years in the future. What was its affect? Depression.

In this example, we are seeing today the affects of that long period of steroid usage by the United States. As an athlete can not take them forever, neither can the United States. The advantage is dwindling, and we are seeing those at the top scrambling trying to find ways to prop it up.

This is just but one example. Again taking the U.S. as the example, look at the amount of money that hase been poured into its defense industry. Why? Well, sure there is corruption. There is manipulation, but to what end? Marshall law? No. I think not. If that is the case, it would have been done long ago. The main reason for such massive investments is to maintain the advantage on the playing field. What better way to protect the first advantage you gained (the monetary one) than to supplement it with the most sophisticated military in the world? The second advantage designed to protect the first advantage...

This is human nature in my opinion. We all want the best we can get and to have the advantage over the competition. The problem is some of us are just willing to do whatever it takes for that advantage. That means principles, morals, and common sense are all in the way and must be grapled into submission for the advantage to take place. If the human race were to settle for its current state, and the advantage taken out of the picture I would contest we might still be in the dark ages.

I could go on and on about different historical examples of nations, conspirators and individuals vying for the advantage dating back thousands of years ago within the religious, military and forced consensus (political manipuation) spetcrums respectively, but I would like to get some thoughts on what I have mentioned already. Hopefully I have been clear on what it is I am trying to say. My main objective is to give those who are more entrenched in the conspiracy world a contrasting perspective to compare their thoughts to.

If you have an example of this human condition: to gain the advantage in human affairs with regards to "conspiracies", then by all means please post it...

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