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Why 911

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by JJay55

Originally posted by JJay55
Very interesting replies. Thanks for the great discussion.
Before I answer I just want to make a few observances. Most replies are from a Western point of view. In order to understand the enemy one has to think like the enemy.
Islam masterminds aren't going to plan an event around American timelines, events or numbers. Islam masterminds will plan events according to their beliefs.
First answer Quran 9:11 doesn't really apply because the whole Quran is about killing Christians and Jews along with other violent behavior. And planning an attack isn't based on something so simple.

Instead consider the mindset of Islam is to kill Christians and Jews. Islam believes there is only one path. Tradition runs deep and is not Western in Islam. The goal of Islam is to have one unified muslim planet. Therefore, planning and picking dates is done years in advance. I'll get into the 7 phase plan in another thread that spans to 2020.
Anyway, the reason for 911 was because it is a Coptic Christian holiday. If you notice the Copts in Egypt now, Neda Soltan, and Christians in Pak have all been set up for slaughter in the past months. Think Islam mindset. Then we can predict the next date of attack... instead of looking at Western numerology, emergency numbers, and symbols. Western thinking is not what muslims do.
Get it?
Wanna know the 7 phase plan?

Islamic terrorists pick Christian Holidays to make a point.
This makes them predictable.
Along with other signs we should be able to thwart other attacks.
Please keep learning about Isalmic mindset. It's important to be safe.

Christian holidays, like Christmas.
Like New Years. Like 2010. Predictable.

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