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H.R.3458 Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 05:02 AM
Now this guy 'gets it'. At least he has a clue with internet freedom (net neutrality.)

[color=gold]Rep. Edward Markey

Creating legislation [color=gold]like this will get himself a star and flag in congress.

Here's part of the bill...

1) Our Nation’s economy and society are increasingly dependent on Internet

2) The Internet is an essential infrastructure that is comparable to roads and
electricity in its support for a diverse array of economic, social, and
political activity.

3) Internet technologies and services hold the promise of advancing economic
growth, fostering investment, creating jobs, and spurring technological

4) As the Nation becomes more reliant upon such Internet technologies and
services, unfettered access to the Internet to offer, access, and utilize
content, services, and applications is vital.

5) The global leadership in high technology that the United States provides
today stems directly from historic policies that embraced competition and
openness and that have ensured that telecommunications networks are open to all
lawful uses by all users.

6) The Internet was enabled by those historic policies and provides an open
architecture medium for worldwide communications, providing a low barrier to
entry for Internet-based content, applications, and services.

7) Due to legal and marketplace changes, these features of the Internet are no
longer certain, and erosion of these historic policies permits
telecommunications network operators to control who can and who cannot offer
content, services, and applications over the Internet utilizing such networks.

8) The national economy would be severely harmed if the ability of Internet
content, service, and application providers to reach consumers was frustrated by
interference from broadband telecommunications network operators.

9) The overwhelming majority of residential consumers subscribe to Internet
access service from 1 of only 2 wireline providers: the cable operator or the
telephone company.

10) Internet access service providers have an economic interest to discriminate
in favor of their own services, content, and applications and against other

11) A network neutrality policy based upon the principle of nondiscrimination
and consistent with the history of the Internet’s development is essential to
ensure that Internet services remain open to all consumers, entrepreneurs,
innovators, and providers of lawful content, services, and applications.

12) A network neutrality policy is also essential to give certainty to small
businesses, leading global companies, investors, and others who rely upon the
Internet for commercial reasons.

13) A network neutrality policy can also permit Internet service providers to
take action to protect network reliability, prevent unwanted electronic mail,
and thwart illegal uses in the same way that telecommunications network
operators have historically done consistent with the overarching principle of

14) Because of the essential role of Internet services to the economic growth of
the United States, to meet other national priorities, and to our right to free
speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, the
United States should adopt a clear policy preserving the open nature of Internet
communications and networks.

With all the crap that congress has been flinging from their monkey cages upon the public; whether, brave (or stupid), enough to watch the unending horror... This is a wonderful 'rainbow & butterflies & unicorns' bill to tickle the imagination of Freedom and Speech. We all know them well.

[color=gold]Link to the full bill...

MODS: I hope that I didn't over quote.

[edit on 8·2·09 by DrMattMaddix]

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