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[Documented] UFO incidents

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 09:28 PM
Below are some of the most well know and documented UFO cases, i started the list at 1975, but one can argue that UFO sightings can be dated back to when we lived in caves.

1975-Loring Air Force Base UFO Sightings

One of the best documented cases of UFOs at a military installation is the Loring Air Force Base UFO sightings in 1975. The case began at 7:45 P.M. on October 27, 1975. Staff Sergeant Danny K. Lewis, who was assigned to hidden weapons, was on duty when he noticed an unidentified flying object about 300 feet above the ground. The craft, with a red navigation light, was coming from the north. Lewis was shocked when the unknown craft entered Loring's official airspace. This case, though not as dramatic as the Bentwaters - Woodbridge landings in 1980 is still an extremely important part of the history of UFOs.

Full Story

1976-Jet Chases UFO Over Tehran, Iran

A UFO case must have a lot of validity for it to reach the United States from Iran. But such is the case regarding a UFO and plane dogfight that occurred in September of 1976 over Tehran. On September 19, the Iranian Air Force began getting reports from citizens of a strange, unidentifiable craft in the skies of Tehran. Assistant Deputy Commander of Operations Yousefit was informed of the reports by the duty officer. The duty officer had no information on how to proceed in the matter of a UFO. He was not aware of any plane flying that could account for the reports.

Full Story

1977-Colares Island UFOs

In 1977, the Brazilian island of Colares would be home base for some of the most extraordinary close encounters ever recorded. Only a few of the Island's city of Colares' 2,000 inhabitants would be spared the frightening light beams shot to the ground by many various flying objects. A number of residents managed to take photographs of the phenomenal flying death machines, or "chupa-chupas," as the locals called them.

Full Story

1980-UFO Landings at Rendlesham Forest

If you can imagine a scene of UFOs landed in a forest, alien beings in bubbles moving around the UFO, military personnel looking on with cameras filming the entire sequence in the midst of surreal atmospheric effects, then you have seen a portion of what really happened in the Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, U. K. For several nights the sister bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge would be invaded by unknown flying objects moving in and about the forest between the two American-leased bases in late December of 1980.

Full Story

1987-The Gulf Breeze UFOs

World-wide attention was drawn to the UFO mystery in 1987 by one wave of sightings, those which occurred over Gulf Breeze, Florida. These were much more than just sighting reports-the sightings were accompanied by many photographs and videos. The majority of the attention was on one Ed Walters, a contractor from the area, who took extraordinarily clear photographs of UFOs.

Full Story

1989-The Belgium UFO Wave

One of the very best photographs ever taken of a triangular UFO was snapped by an anonymous cameraman in Belgium in April of 1990. Recognized by anyone familiar with UFOs, it became the cornerstone of the Belgian UFO wave of 1989. On November 29, 1989, a triangular UFO with lights sparking underneath was seen by multiple witnesses-three groups of policemen included. This began a case which still baffles investigators today.

Full Story

1997-The Phoenix Lights

UFO cases with multiple witnesses, photographic and video evidence are always the most sought after by researchers. One of the best of these is the Phoenix, Arizona lights case of 1997. Supported by many photographs and videos, this fantastic event is still discussed and analyzed today. A large, unknown object sitting over a major city? It really happened. It is without, one of the very best examples of photographic proof of UFOs.

Full Story

2004-Mexican Military Video

On April 20, 2004, Mexican UFO investigator and television personality Jaime Maussan was summoned by Mexico's Department of Defense to a private meeting to discuss a matter of national importance. Maussan met with General Clemente Vega Garcia, Secretary of Defense, and other members of his staff. Maussan was informed that on March 5, an extraordinary incident took place in the skies over Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

Full Story


These are just a few important documented cases in which UFO's where sighted. Please feel free to look over all of these link, its startling how many sightings have happened in the last 50 years, and im sure the grand finally is right around the corner.

also check this video out, thought it was interesting.

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 09:35 PM
Rather than focus on one specific UFO incident and over explain it, i figured id post all the UFO incidents i felt where relevant in this field.

The sheer amount of sightings which are reported still set me back.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Hey, here are some more great ones...

JAL 1628

DC Flap

Coyne Incident

Skylab 3 Incident


78' Pilot Sightings in New Zealand

Mantell Incident

That is just a few...

Here is a GREAT sight to look at all the best sightings and reports ever...


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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

Thank you, great site ! i will definitely take a look through it. a star for you sir

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