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Is this what OBE vibrations feel like?

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 07:54 PM
I was just lying in bed reading a chapter from Journeys Out Of The Body and thought I'd have a quick go at a technique I'd read about. You have to visualise a point in front if you (if you're lying down) and turn your focus 90 degrees so the point is parallel to your body but behind your head, or above it really.

As soon as I started doing this I felt dizzy in the top of my head; it felt like mild motion sickness. I also suddenly felt this tingling sensation in my hands. It felt as if I could feel the blood stream rushing through my hands and through all my fingers, or similar to the feeling you get when you wake up and your arm is numb, but not as severe. A bit like mild pins and needles.

I'm thinking that the feeling could be the blood rushing to my hands which were then laying down, because when I was reading I was holding the book up, so the blood was sort of draining out of my hands. Or it could be the famous OBE vibrations.

I read that they felt like an electric current is running through you but that isn't how I'd describe it really.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 08:28 PM
hmm i believe they are actual vibrations in your head and through your entire body. I dont think that is what you where experiencing.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 08:36 PM
link might of told me what Ive been experiencing
that is my blog there.....

Here it is if you cant get to it....Just the "physical experiences"....I was confused about this but maybe it is connected to the OBEs ??Maybe a first step to new experiences ??...

Lets get crazy shall we?

physical experiences: Goes from an ecstatic feeling...Surging from my head to toe...."like a wave"....then the feeling/energy.....gets centered on the heart (heart chakra)...heart accelerates to 4-6 beats a second for a period of 3-5 mins.

precognitive dreams: Real simple...visitors(family/friends) come over...wake up, they come in the same order as dream....

dreams of teachings: People around me teaching me to (dematerialize into a green blueish orb) it was so tight and airless....couldn't breath...from not breathing...I wake up...

other dreams: from (native american rituals) to (teleportation), (light beings [imagine a bright blue light in a humanoid form])~Ive had over 50-100 types of dreams like above from the past year, and only increasing....

I was recently reading about close encounters and discovered I meet the (requirements)..LOL

(Close encounter of the first kind)~Throughout my life...5-10 total..

( Close encounter of the third kind)~Type F: This type of communication was meant for any(higher intelligence)(higher self) now I asked only one question which was, "what was to become of me"...Now, I did this nothing happened of course. Then I went to bed, when I woke I had a "waking voice" (my own) like thinking to your self...But, "automatic"....Like my thoughts had a mind of there own...

It/I said, "Time wont evolve around you, but through you."....This was about 8 months ago..

I am only begging to know what it meant....At first I thought....About "past lives" flowing through me...But I only just begun to figure out, because of my recent experiences.

Now, imagine seeing stuff that most do not. They fade in and fade out,...Humanoid shapes with a transparent look to it....But, as soon as I try and lock on to it It fades away....But I very well believe that I am "peeking through dimensions" in the 3/4D.

Yes sometimes, I think that I must be just going crazy. But its these types of experiences that makes me more open to things that most people seem to think its crazy.....

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 08:54 PM
Hi ..

I once had an experience and i'll explain the feelings, see if its similar. I was having a hard time sleeping so had some relaxing music playing to help, i replayed it several times and decided to turn it off as it wasn't working. The next thing i realise, is that my whole body is tingling like crazy, it was a feeling of pure excitement and like sexual climax but a lot more intense .. all buzzing through my body, it was truely an amazing feeling, i remebered reading something on astral travel and listening to a cd on the subject too and thought to myself, this is that part where you can leave the body, although i hadn't even being trying to do it. So i tried to lift up my head, i did and it was a difficult experience but the feelings intensified everytime i tried, eventually i got half way up and it was easier then, i got all the way "out" and stood at the end of my bed thinking .. no way !! so i walk up and there i am, laid in bed .. i wasn't shocked at all, then my wife got out of bed and walked past me to the bathroom and back, never once noticing me stood there. The next thing i remember is waking up the next day. Yes it could have been a dream but it felt so real .. i personally think it may have been real . .anyway .. were your feelings like mine .. ???

regards Satellite1

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by dmorgan

I have had OBE's Don't recall any sort of vibrations. Well, that's just me, ya know? Vibrations in my body are generally related to high blood pressure or sugar content in my body. My belief is that things that are good for you will not cause discomfort. There may be freak out moments in your brain, though, as you experience true knowledge being introduced to you. I have experienced the sounds of a large generator being fired up with a rumbling sound that rocked my body. But, no matter the state of my mind, when I feel vibrations, I check my glucose level. Vibrations? I need a sugar fix, followed by some protein. Numbness, then I need to reduce the glucose.


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