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Riaa/MIAA NAzi's at it again......:barf:

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 07:46 AM

Movie/record industry rep says that you shouldn't expect to be able to play your media for as long as you own it

Glyn sez, "Buying DRMed content, then having that content stop working later is fair writes Steven Metalitz, the lawyer who represents the MPAA, RIAA in a letter to the top legal advisor at the Copyright Office."
"We reject the view," he writes in a letter to the top legal advisor at the Copyright Office, "that copyright owners and their licensees are required to provide consumers with perpetual access to creative works. No other product or service providers are held to such lofty standards. No one expects computers or other electronics devices to work properly in perpetuity, and there is no reason that any particular mode of distributing copyrighted works should be required to do so."

Well, I can see RIAA/MIAA next money stream, breaking all the drm infected music and such requiring you to repurchase it.

So with their thinking, we should take their tv/sterao/cars/home, because they have no right to expect to use the items they purchased for that items lifetime...


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