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So its been years since ive been on here...

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posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 05:32 AM
I just wanted to say alot of things that i have thought about over the past few months. I kind of like to think deeply, even when i not on drugs, but its more fun when i am. Weed really lets you let loose, but rationality kind of goes out the window.

A lot of people on this site are really wackos, but some have legit things to say. I hope im one of the latter. Here goes...

Ill save the rant on black holes and space time for last, because that confuses me and i know it will confuse you even more cause i suck at explaining things.
Im a Christian, but i have a lot of evolutionary views, such as the formation of space through a big bang, possibly caused by God, and ensuing evolutionary events. I believe that there are other 'dimensions' if you will, or more logically put, things that happen beyond our range of the spectrum. For instance, radio waves and sound waves and infared and all this jazz, until a while back people were oblivious to these things, and now we can see them and use them to our advantage and manipulation. Who is to say that there isnt a whole other realm beyond possibility of our perception, even artificially? Maybe a heaven and hell? not likely, but maybe in this realm angels and demons roam, all around us?

food for thought.

Maybe, whats blue to one man could be red to another man, just a twist of the color spectrum wheel, and from birth a man is taught that the color he perceives when he looks at the sky is blue, when to another man, the same color may be 'red.'

now, the speed of light is a very ornery thing indeed. Did you know that everything you see is in the past, and that it is virtually impossible to see 100% in the present? Light doesnt have infinite speed, it takes time to travel from where it is to your eye. Most of the time, this period of travel is infinitesimally minuscule. Not enough to matter at all. In fact, it takes a lot more time for the brain to process what the eye sees than it does for the light to actually travel, but the gap is there, nonetheless. Where it matters, though, is looking into the realms of space. What you see a star doing may have happened millions of years in the past. A star could have been dead for years, and yet you can still see it from where your sitting. As Einstein said, "its all relative!" Because the farther away something is from your POV, the farther back in time you are looking. Welcome to the space-time continuum my friends!

I'm running low on characters remaining, so i will end this rant prematurely. I am sorry if i suck at explaining what i think, but (at least in my mind) this is factual and if you want to follow along in my journey, i plan on posting another topic after this one entitled "Continuation." I really dont blame you if you dont, either you dont understand a danm thing i said, or you just think this rant isnt worth following, or both. I hope ive opened some people's eyes though, to crazy possibilities and mind boggling perspectives.

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 05:51 AM
Hey SwAngo,

Welcome back to the forums. All your interests are still talked about daily here. Just an FYI, ATS doesn't allow discussions of personal drug use. You probably want to refrain from that in the future.



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