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Zelaya Crosses Border And Returns To Honduras

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posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 02:26 AM
Zelaya Crosses Border And Returns To Honduras As Police, Supporters Clash

Zelaya guy wants his job back?

EL PARAISO, Honduras — Ousted President Manuel Zelaya took a symbolic step into his homeland Friday, vowing to reclaim his post a month after soldiers flew him into exile.

But he stayed less than 30 minutes before returning to Nicaragua, saying the risk of bloodshed was too great. He said he would give talks with the coup-installed government another try.

"I am not afraid but I'm not crazy either," Zelaya told the Venezuela-based television network Telesur. "There could be violence and I don't want to be the cause."

Here's some background with links and my comments:

That Zelaya guy wants his job back? ... Hilary wants him to finish off his term?

What? So he can tie up some loose ends when he has access to full power as President (temporarily of course) ...

Here's an ATS topic accusing him drug trafficking links...

He was a temporary worker to begin with... Like our Congress is supposed to be...


When Zelaya's contract is up...


If he fails to perform...


Especially, he violates corporate (gov't) policy, he gets fired.

"No you don't get your job back."

"Those were the policies that you agreed to when you were hired."

"So, you violated terms (as they are reporting) and you are Unanimously FIRED! There's not even one discenting vote."

What's really so bad and scary about that?

He's lucky they didn't execute him for treason.

These aren't some slacky little laws that you can carelessly toss aside.

We should sick our Traffic Cops on Congress and see if they find any "probable causes."

Why should the US Gov't even give a rats butt about Honduras.

It's Honduras.

It's not like they are some country upon which the entire Global Economy rests.

Here's another ATS topic about how upset Obama became after Zelaya was kicked out...

Obama waited weeks before saying anything about Iranian election rigging and widespread rioting and death in their streets.


The real reason:

It scares the governments of other countries... including the US. It means the duely elected officials really can follow their constitution. Unlike in the US where citizens are either too busy or over-entertained and too oblivious to care.

The US citizens have become wishy-washy and apethetic... not by the apethetic drug culture of the 60's that was a nice try but failed to take hold completely. It's the overwhelming amount of media explosion. Seriously, average people don't know who to believe these days.

CNN has become the absolute worst evil... If you watch them for 1 hour you will hear at least three times; maybe five or more times that they are "the most trusted name in news." When they really were 18 years ago they didn't need to say it. Everyone knew to turn CNN on when there was breaking news... they were on the scene; but I digress...

The elected officials in Honduras are actually following the laws that were created to divest power among, and for, the peoples best interest. What the US once had.

This theme resounds in EVERY story that we see in the news. Power grabs of consolidation.

Power grabs of consolidation.

Check out Molitov Mitchell's fantastic (and short) July 15th 2009 video. This is exactly what I thought of when I heard about Honduras firing their President. (I'd also suggest watching the newest short about Barney Frank: Patriot)


Anyhow, the guy foolishly steps across the border, he's not couragous, as he undoubtedly considers himself. He's not getting back into the country to stay except to do prison time or execution. In which case, he can stay permanently, undergound, or mixed into the S'Mores that dropped into the campfire.

BTW: I heard another story that claims that European countries (probly countries with Rothchild Banking cartels) had withheld $90B in aid to Honduras until negotiations to reinstate the ousted President resume. Honduras wants no part of it last I heard , sorry no link to THAT story.

EDiT : Header got mashed; corrected

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