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5 day Nuclear drill - How to dismantle a nuclear bomb

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:15 PM

The dismantlement experiment is a joint exercise between the UK and Norway - the first of its kind - and was held a few miles from Oslo.

The five-day exercise has been keenly anticipated internationally as a way of building trust between nuclear weapons states and non-nuclear weapons states.

It is designed to see if one country can verify the disarmament of another country's nuclear weapon, but without any sensitive information about national security and weapon design being compromised.

In a role reversal, the Norwegians play a nuclear weapons state (called Torland) and the UK team play inspectors from Luvania, a non-nuclear weapons state.

"It was lots of hard work but there's opportunity for more progress in the future," said one UK Ministry of Defence official.

Other countries are also said to have shown interest in the work, including the US, Canada, Russia, Australia and Japan.

Kind of scary to think what could happen if they were given a live bomb by accident,

the military has lost nukes in the past and not been able to recover them, sometimes for decades

while I can see the benefit of having these kinds of tests for disarming real ones, i sure wouldn't want that thing in my backyard

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