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Liberal Website Claims Source Of Holdren Controversy Is “Radical Right Wing”

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 07:58 AM

Liberal website News Hounds attempts to giggle and guffaw at the controversy of Obama’s top science advisor John P. Holdren’s plans to mass sterilize the population and carry out forced abortions by claiming that the entire story is an invention of the “radical right wing,” when in fact it comes straight from Holdren’s own 1977 book Ecoscience. The left-wing website claims that the story is a product of “the black helicopter crowd….doing their usual frothing at the mouth,” despite the fact that giant screenshots of the pages where Holdren makes the statements are available for anyone to view online. News Hounds snickers at the fact that Fox News ran with the story, adding, “What’s really worth a chuckle is the source of Fox Nation’s fear and loathing and that is the publication of red diaper baby and former left wing radical turned right wing shouter at clouds – David Horowitz.” Here’s a newsflash for the partisan hacks running News Hounds – the source of the story is not Fox News, it’s not Front Page Magazine, it’s not David Horowitz and it’s not Prison Planet – the source is Holdren’s own book that he co-authored in 1977 and proudly stands by today.

Here we have another attempt by partisan media outlets to keep people trapped inside the false Left vs Right paradigm. In this instance the liberal website News Hounds tries to debunk the recent John Holdren story by associating it with FOX News, completely ignoring the fact that the source was John Holdren's book itself.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 08:10 AM
The progressives again trying to spin something to say its the crazy right wing? Say it isn't so.

This is common place among that crowd. Hopefully people catch on to it before it is too late.

Although your last statement has made me decide to start a thread on the "left right paradigm".

It isn't false it is only false when it comes to the government. There is in fact a left and right there is also an up and a down.

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