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Going on tour, survival style

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Hey all, I'm going to be embarking on a trip in a couple more weeks which should be a bit of adventure. First, I'm going to be riding a motorized bike from Mexico to Canada, a feat i believe will be a first, or at least the first time someone did it on motorized bike and documented it. After arriving in Vancouver and hanging out in BC for a few days, i plan to trade my motorized bike for my pedalbike, and do a pedal tour of Oregon.

Oregon has more skateparks than anywhere else, all close together. I want to skate every park in oregon eventually, and this year i'll go hit as many as i can until the rains come. I'm going to make my pilgrimage to Burnside in Portland, for those who don't know, Burnside is a concrete legend.

I'll be camping every night and be completely self sufficient aside from buying some food. I'm planning on taking 2 to 3 months to complete the trip.

I've never done any bicycle touring so i want to go do some. I've done extended tours on dirtbike, and even walking, but i figured i should go do it on bicycle as training in another lesson of survival, that, and fun.

I also may be stopping along the way and speaking at schools on topics of survival, on "green" transportation, and on building a better world for all of us. If i'm on the road when school starts up again i'll probably be doing a series of lectures for elementary and middle school kids.

But anyways, i figure 3 months on the road in bug-out mode should go a bit towards fine-tuning my survival skills to a high degree.

Has anyone else here done any touring like this? I'm a professional bike mechanic so i've got my bikes covered as far as what i need to know and bring, and i've got a sponsor for bikes, so i can get all the bikes and parts i need shipped to me wherever i am if necessary.

Also if any of you skaters on here want to meet up for a session in Oregon, Washington, or Vancouver, PM me and let me know what skatepark is your local, and i'll try to let you know when i'll be there.

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