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Did Tesla weaponry cause the 1977 New York blackout AND the rioting?

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 02:29 AM
Regular google users will know that it was recently Nikola Tesla's birthday.

He was perhaps one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century and there's plenty of fascinating things about his, all of which I shall skip over because they're touched on in this documentary.

At about the 30 minute mark, it's stated that starting from around the time of the US Bicentennial, the CIA were picking up an anomalous radio signal they dubbed the "woodpecker signal". It was coming from a Soviet transmitter in Latvia.

Just before the 1977 NYC blackout, the signal stopped.

As you can see, a power blackout ensued, followed by a massive wave of rioting and dstruction.

The documentary states that Tesla gave his plans for a "death ray" to several nations. Each nation held a part of the puzzle so there was huge incentive to co-operate.

Tesla came up with the concept of using Schumann cavity resonance to transmit power. The resonance frequency of the Schumann cavity is 8Hz, which is also roughly the frequency of alpha rhythms, according to the documentary.

This is kind of interesting, too...

Movement to ban mind control weapons

On January 1999 the European Parliament passed a resolution where it (in paragraph 27) calls "for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings". ( click on Activities, Plenary sessions, Reports by A4… number, fill in 005). It is our conviction that this ban can not be implemented without the global pressure of the informed general public on the governments. Our major objective is to get across to the general public the real threat which those weapons represent for human rights and democracy and to work toward the ban of those weapons.

Get your tinfoil hats here people. You're in good company....

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 01:12 PM
Rotating a bar magnet at one revolution every 2 seconds gives
a calming effect.
I do not know the frequency for stimulation.
This would be good for late night car rides home.
A little wind up pillbox on the dash board and you good for the trip.

This was part of a mind control patent just declassified according to
Bill Lyne.

Sure the law is passed to out law the devices so THEY can work on
the mind control devices.

The rotating magnet device perhaps was used on hostage situations
but might have effected others without tin hats.

The Tesla long wave length tuning with high frequency modulation
has been attributed to HAARP as spot warming the upper atmosphere.
The problem here is the release of energy 1000x input that might
result causing a shock wave.

The equipment Tesla mentioned 1934 was new beam technology
that might be used in various ways.
One suspected way would be ground to ionosphere beams with
his aircraft in the middle, thus our UFO of today.

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