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Moon landing – evidence it was not witness live at the Australian receiving stations

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Despite all the conspiracy theories about the moon landing I always thought they did it and to be perfectly honest I still hope they did. You see I have always been convinced that it happened because of one simple factor – the pictures were received first in Australia and relayed on.

Stay with me – If the images that were seen by the world were different than the ones received and watched live by Canberra and Parks receiving dishes then it would have been noticed. Oh I know what you’re thinking they could be in on it too. Sure that’s possible until I watched this on TV tonight.

Current affair on Channel Nine produced a short 40 year tribute to the moon landing and visited some of the fellas operating the systems back then. It’s worth a watch but if you’re REALLY interested take a special note at 3:50 – What no live witnesses well that’s blown my theory apart.

The video can be viewed at this link but not sure how long it will be there

Sorry could get my link working you will have to copy into your browzer - What do you think?


edit: Oh guess the link worked after all

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