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TinWiki: Angel Hair

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 08:33 PM
Angel Hair is a form of spider web or silk-like material that has been claimed to exist, it appears out of nowhere and forms unique patterns. They are also known as Spider Strings and are thought to be linked to the String Theory in Physics by ignorant people who do not understand String Theory (which in fact would involve self containing, infinitely twisted torus shapes containing "extra" matter that spreads and reduces the effect of gravity as an explanation for it's weakness compared to other fundamental forces). The substance is said to fall from chemtrails, be a sign of a presence of an Angel and UFO sightings.

No one is absolutely sure about the authenticity of Angel hair or its properties.


The angel hair is usually silky, and can easily be mistaken for spider webs. Once touched by a human or animal, it evaporates and disappears. One rare case, however, is of a large ball put in a jar, which now reportedly has shrunk to the size of a normal playing marble.

1952 France Case

The 1952 case is very interesting. Several witnesses saw a Flying Cigar shaped UFO dropping alot of angel hair. One witness reported that he was caught in the substance until he cut it. The threads regathered and the angel hair rose back into the sky. Another witness gathered the substance into a ball, but it sublimed into a gellatinous goo and quickly disappeared.


One Mr. Craig Philips gathered the substance in a jar, attempting to do labwork on it. However, after he got it to the lab, there was no trace of the substance. No lab data on the angel hair is known

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